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10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last a Lifetime

Relationships will inevitably go through all sorts of changes, from stressful changes to life changes. But how you choose to handle your relationship during all these changes can help you tell how long the relationship might last.
Long-lasting relationships have certain things in common that can help you determine whether or not your relationship will last a lifetime. You might be wondering how you can know whether your current relationship has a fighting chance. Well, here are some of the best ways to tell whether it will last forever.

1. When The Respect is Reciprocal

For any relationship to last, respect has to be reciprocal including respect for each other’s opinions, emotions, life goals, and autonomy, which are very essential if a relationship is to last forever. Moreover, respect has to come naturally because if you have to demand it, it most often will be at the expense of your relationship. Also, if you both treat each other the way you like to be treated, your relationship will most certainly work out well.

2. You Both Trust Each Other

Trust between both of you is one of the things that make a relationship strong. Hence, to determine if your love will last forever, it’s essential that you assess how much trust you have in your partner and vice versa. If you both trust one another, and actually live up to it, then congratulations, your relationship will last. You need to help your partner feel very comfortable around you, to the extent that you can share secrets and have conversations like best of friends.

3. You Both Have The Same Determination

For a relationship to succeed you both need to put in the work! To love is to compromise, and that’s what makes a relationship last forever. A relationship should never feel one-sided. It also should not feel like only one party is more invested in it than the other. When challenges arise, both partners should try to ensure that things stay strong. Besides, when both parties continue to put in the same effort into a relationship, it stands firm for a lifetime. With the same determination, a relationship without a doubt will last forever.

4. You Have Faith In One Another

To keep a relationship going, you need to have faith in it. Faith can serve to keep your relationship stable. Knowing that your partner is always there for you in any circumstance is a sign that your relationship has a solid foundation. Having faith in what you have and in yourselves proves that your relationship is likely to last long – and possibly forever.

5. Having Gratitude Towards Your Partner

It is rather easy to take your partner for granted. Though you may not mean to do so, it can happen. Even then, being appreciative towards your spouse is one essential thing that every relationship needs. In case you are wondering how you can tell the success-rate of your relationship based on gratitude, see if you are appreciative of your partner and look out for the things they do or say to keep you happy every day. If this is present, then your relationship is likely to last.

6. You Accept Each Other

We all have a past as well as things that we regret. Having a partner who accepts you with all your flaws, and those things that you aren’t proud of is a clear sign that you have a healthy relationship. Also, by accepting your partner despite some past mistakes, then it’s an indication that your love is unconditional and will last a lifetime.

7. Strong Communication

Communication is a significant factor that can either make or break a relationship. If you don’t effectively communicate, you live by assumptions, and that is an early sign of a failing relationship. On the other hand, strong communication implies that it will withstand the test of time. You need to communicate with your partner things that bother you, rather than with friends so that you can work towards making things better. Effective communication helps you understand each other better as well as experience greater intimacy.

8. You Have Common Goals

Some common goals necessary for a lifelong relationship may include: you both would someday like to have a family together; you both want to live in a particular city, or even someplace on the coast. Even when you don’t share the same goals, the ones you have are complementary. Provided that your goals work together in making your lives work harmoniously. When both partners share common goals or even complimentary goals, your relationship stays strong.

9. Intimacy Is Very Much Alive

Relationships may not always involve sex, but when it does, then it needs to be satisfying for both parties. The physical intimacy shared between both partners should serve to make each feel loved, desired and even feel good. Such a relationship should not feel unsatisfying or one-sided. Sharing mutual physical intimacy is another excellent way for you to tell whether your relationship will last forever.

10. You both don’t mind being wrong

In many instances, those in a relationship may end up taking a position and totally ignore their partner’s point of view and opinions. Often, such discussions tend to lean more toward having power than making important decisions. When you are in the right relationship, your partner will not mind being wrong. Learning what is right is more important than just being right. Also, when you feel your partner’s viewpoint is better, you still feel secure enough to graciously back down because, in the end, you are in it together.

For a relationship to last forever – it will require efforts from both parties without actually feeling forced or like hard work! If your relationship already constitutes the above points, then it’s highly likely that your relationship will last for a lifetime. Even if it doesn’t, it is never too late to start making changes.


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