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4 Useful Degrees For Those Who Want To Travel The World

4 Useful Degrees For Those Who Want To Travel The World

Is it possible to earn money while traveling around the world?

If you asked me this question 20 years ago, I’d be inclined to say no. But with the advance of the Internet, the impossible has become possible. E-commerce, book publishing, and freelancing are some of the many money-making methods that you can apply to fund your travel.

But do you need a degree for those new and modern kinds of jobs? Not necessarily, but formal education is an excellent boost on your profile none the less, and a college course is a great way to learn real, useful skills that can be carried over to your online career.

If you are looking to work while traveling the world, what degrees should you look into? We will be answering that question today on Topthingy with a list of 4 useful degrees.

1. Degree in Literature and Fine Arts

Many consider a degree in arts and literature a useless piece of junk when it comes to job hunting. However, being able to write and compute sentences that work, flow, and contain useful meaning is an instrumental skill. This skill can be applied in almost any business situation nowadays – in dealing with emails, business proposals, marketing content, etc. Learning to write well will allow you to transition to many online jobs, such as a content marketer, a writer, or even a web designer if you take the time to learn about it.

2. Graphic Design

Graphic design opens many doors to the online job market. You can find all sorts of opportunities on desktop and mobile platforms alike, such as graphic user interface design, marketing design, web design, and more. In general, you will be looking at jobs similar to what a graphic designer does in a corporate environment, just online. A graphic designer can also work as a consultant, given enough experience, and the right connections in specific industries.

3. Business Automation

Everywhere you go, you will see automation pops up in stories, news, and conversations. While automation is a significant threat to traditional manufacturing and service jobs, it also opens the door to many opportunities as businesses flock to find experts in the field to help them with their business automation transformation. If you get a degree in business and get a major or minor in an area related to automation – business process, marketing or remote work automation, there’s a good chance that you will get hired to consult and help these businesses with their problems.

4. Business Management

The good old business management degree is a more traditional degree. It offers you skills and lessons that can be carried over to an online environment. No matter the type of team and corporate structure, management still faces the same problems – communication, workflow management, and deadline chasing. You will be able to step in and help these online businesses with your business management skills. Furthermore, if you are a good speaker or writer, you can also transition into a teaching position where you teach courses and help people/teams/organizations with training.





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