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5 Best Apps To Motivate Your Child’s Interest In Geography

5 Best Apps To Motivate Your Child’s Interest In Geography

Geography is a scientific subject that needs in-depth studying. Hence this can be challenging for students as they seek to understand the different phenomena around geographic occurrences. But with technology, this may not be an issue anymore. Today you will find many different geography applications which are designed to simplify the study of Geography. Some apps even have a fun way for kids to learn Geography.

1. Countries Of The World

This app offers your child information about different countries of the world. You will find information on a country’s GDP, population, culture, capital, and so on. The app is easy to use thanks to the audio feature that will help students with pronunciation. This offers your child a platform to get in-depth knowledge of different countries.

2. Geography Learning – Quiz Game

Geography quiz game is designed to help students learn Geography in through a fun way. Users will be required to locate maps of a given country. Students will also have to find some features like rivers, mountains, lakes etc. The app has two modes; a game mode that lets you pick a suitable difficulty level and get points depending on the time taken to answer questions. And the Practice mode that lets you learn maps and features while you gear up for a game.

3. Google Earth

Google Earth is among the most common geography application. This app helps your child ‘travel’ the globe at the touch of a button. A child is able to view various countries in 3D and even at street level. By clicking a button on any country, your child can zoom-in to show the elaborate geographical landscape of a country. Additionally, it will show other images linked to that country.

4. World Citizen: Geography Quizzes

The world citizen application helps your child learn and know different countries, their capital cities, and even their flags. This app is available in 4 different languages and information on a country is linked to Wikipedia pages for further reading. The app uses two modes that include a practice game and challenge mode which lets you prep and later practice once you acquire enough information.

5. Bonza National Geographic

The National geographic app combines features of different games like Wordsearch, jigsaw puzzles, trivia and many more. The variety makes this tool offer students an all-around feel of both fun and learning. The app has different themes that include animals, humanity, travel, among others. So, how can your child learn using this app? As your child is attempting to fill in the provided puzzles, they are in the process gathering more knowledge and all is done in a fun way.

In Conclusion

For most adults, the knowledge of different locations on earth comes almost naturally. At times, this can be unclear and puzzling to children. By having stimulating discussions about the present-day news and what impacts they have on our day-to-day living, for example, how instability in the Middle East affects oil prices. With time, you will be able to help your child have a better grasp of geography.

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