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5 Fashion Accessories of the Future

5 Fashion Accessories of the Future

The world of fashion is constantly shifting and evolving. With a push for technology integration and sustainable sourcing, many companies are struggling to stay relevant with the fast-paced changes. For everyone left behind, however, another one steps up to take its place with something truly innovative and exciting. Here are five super cool, game-changing fashion accessories that you should keep an eye out for in the future.

1. Tech-Powered Support Suit

This futuristic, bizarre bodysuit may perplex consumers at first, but it is taking mobility assistance to a whole new level. Thinking with the aging populace in mind, the Superflex Aura Powered Suit seeks to provide strength to weakened individuals through its innovative design interface.

The minds behind this life-changing concept describe it as an easily worn piece of technology that can read, measure, and react to the body’s natural movements. When it senses one needs assistance, it adds muscle power to work alongside the user’s strength, helping them get up, sit down, and stay upright. This power is delivered via hardware within the various pods along the fabric.

2. The Comfortable High Heel

High heels are popular, but they’ve never been known for being comfortable. Thesis Couture is seeking to change that with what they’re calling the “most significant innovation in fashion footwear in nearly a century.”

Traditional heels are built with all support resting upon a thin, metal structure thinner than your average finger and cardboard inlays, leading to some pretty poor structural support and making for a shoe that simply isn’t comfortable for long term wear. Thesis Couture has redesigned the structure of their heels, using innovative materials that provide far more support.

If you look at a tradition 4-inch high heel shoe, the average wearer ends up with 80% or more of their body weight balanced on their forefoot and toes. With Thesis Couture’s LIFT tech, their 4-inch stiletto brings that number down to 60% or less.

3. Solar-Power Windbreaker

Designer Pauline van Dongen paired up with sustainable clothing brand Blue LOOP originals to deliver a concept for an environment-conscientious windbreaker that could not only provide the functionality of protection from the elements but also serve an extra use as a source of solar power. The idea was prompted to help tour guides out in the seas of the Netherlands.

The result was this waterproof, multi-pocketed windbreaker made from upcycled denim yarns and recycled polyester. Solar panel strips are built straight into the simplistic, yet attractive design, and there is a power bank within the lining of the jacket itself. Users can charge their phones, GPS devices, or cameras for about 2 hours of charging time, even in inclement weather.

4. Auto-Lacing, Auto-Heating Smarshoes

Digitsole’s Smartshoe can be found on Kickstarter and is introduced as the world’s first intelligent sneaker. Not only does it promise comfort and superior shock absorption, but the shoe features auto-tightening technology, as well as auto-heating and Bluetooth connectivity to its very own mobile app.

The app itself helps to control the tightening and heating options, as well as displaying information transmitted via the shoe’s mobile sensors. The data available is pretty comprehensive, including steps, calories, posture, fatigue, impact force, and much more to help you achieve a safe and effective workout. It also features coaching tools and is set to be the next big thing in the fitness and fashion world.

5. Air Purifying Bracelet

With pollution being a major issue in cities around the world, Electrolux Design Lab Semifinalist Alexandr Kostin has come up with a functional and intelligent product that could greatly help humans in the very real struggle with poor air quality.

Called “The Hand Tree”, this futuristic-looking bracelet features its own small, personal carbon air filter and allows the user to choose between focusing air either towards to away from the body. You can also choose to add a perfume if you’d like your personal space to have a more pleasant scent. The touchpad on the bioplastic shell changes color to show how the filter is holding up, and a separate light shows the level of pollution.

While certain areas of the world may not see the need for such a device currently, overseas in areas such as China, Japan, and India, air quality is a very real crisis that needs innovations just like this to step in and help out. Alexandr’s hope is that with enough people wearing the device, air pollution could be completely turned on its head.


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