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5 Fashion Tips to Beat the Heat in Summer

5 Fashion Tips to Beat the Heat in Summer

We may just now be entering into April, but it always feels like summer creeps a little earlier every year, and soon enough the sweltering heat will be bearing down upon us. It’s time to start thinking about ditching the layers and moving towards lighter, cooler fashion to survive the inevitable glare of the summer sun. Melting away is not an option, so we’ve prepared five fashion tips to help you keep your cool!

1. Rely on Cotton and Natural Fibers

Natural fabrics are much more breathable as opposed to polyester or rayon materials. Not only will it feel lighter and airier, but natural fabrics are superior in terms of absorbing sweat and drying quickly. Sweating may be inevitable in the summer heat, but you’ll be far more comfortable in cotton or linen than a heavy synthetic material.

It isn’t just tops or one-pieces that you can find, either. There are plenty of high-quality shorts or capris utilizing natural fibered materials that can help pull your entire look together while keeping you feeling cool and fresh.

2. Wear White or Light Colors

Summer is a colorful time, but it shouldn’t all be up to the flowers or popsicles. Wearing white or other light colors is a handy tip because white reflects light while black and darker colors absorb it. If you’re out walking around in a dark outfit in the middle of summer, you’re going to be regretting your decision within minutes.

Instead of dressing as a walking heat magnet, open up your wardrobe to as much white as possible, or at least other light, pastel colors which also reflect more light than they attract.

3. Think Loose and Flowy

Loose, flowing clothing is a must in the summer heat. Be it loose tops or roomy pants, the less fabric that is coming in direct contact with your skin, the better you’ll feel. It can be tempting to reach for a tank top and shorts, but if you can opt for something with more room to breathe, you’ll be thanking yourself later.

Try to keep a balance when selecting loose-fitting clothing, as some materials are flimsier than others and will slick down against your skin at the slightest sign of sweat. Flowing tops with embroidery or seams tend to be better structured and less likely to cling to your body.

4. Incorporate Shade

Shade is a lifesaver in the summer heat, but you don’t need to be shuffling frantically from your car to the nearest building awning all day long. Don’t forget that there are feasible ways to bring your own shade along with your during these hot and sunny months!

Hats are fantastic additions to summer outfits, particularly wider-brimmed straw hats that are lightweight while still providing ample protection from the sun. If hats aren’t necessarily your style, consider adding a parasol to your collection! These light umbrellas come in a variety of colors and styles and make for a smart and eye-catching way to avoid the sun’s direct glare.

5. Slim Down on Accessories

Accessories can really make an outfit pop, but it’s important to prioritize in the hottest months of the year. Heavy jewelry such as metal necklaces or chunky bracelets can quickly become bothersome nuisances when you’re really feeling the heat. Choosing outfits that rely on more eye-catching patterns than pops of accessories can help keep you feeling less restrained and weighed down.

If you do still want to accessorize, consider using jewelry that is overall lighter in weight, such as fabric earrings or necklaces as opposed to metals or heavy beads.

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