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5 Popular Platforms For Entrepreneurs To Take Advantage Of In 2019

5 Popular Platforms For Entrepreneurs To Take Advantage Of In 2019

When running a business, its never about just building it and hoping clients will show. It is more about building the business and letting everyone know that you are open for business. Whether via Facebook, text messages, Twitter, or direct mail, let everyone know that you are there. Some of the platforms have recently gained popularity owing to the uniqueness of each one. Let’s look at 6 of such platforms.

1. Facebook

Facebook has a wider age range and reaches different demographics. You can reach targeted audiences by using Facebook ads—just make sure that your ad is directed primarily to people of a specific age, gender, or location. For instance, people who’ve shown certain interests. Luckily Facebook keeps updating its services to keep up with the changing tech trends.

2. Twitter

Twitter will reach a larger audience much faster than the other platforms. Even then, it’s not as targeted. This can be a great way for you to reach millennials. Even then, the general demographic reach is not as wide. Good thing, more people are fast catching onto Twitter and can be used both for personal and also professional life.

3. YouTube

The typical users spend 88% more time on sites that use videos. Every day people watch over 5 billion videos. Users and readers have by now consumed enough written content, and so more are slowly turning to video content. The attention span keeps decreasing every day, and Video can be a BIG option for Businesses to retain and attract new users. Some obvious advantages of Video: better engage, ideas are easily explained, and gives more clarity to consumers.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help you get data and customer insight. And compared to the other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers a huge amount of information on users that is accessible to the public. This is because when someone posts and updates content it gets indexed. This platform is suitable for doing business-to-business marketing. You can use LinkedIn to target prospective clients based on the location, employer, the job title, and other important factors. Linkedin is ideal for creating awareness through thought leadership (writing article and posting updates on LinkedIn Pulse).

5. Pinterest

You can write relevant blogs with valuable content, then create pins with some compelling headlines. Afterward, pin them on the relevant pinboards on your profile. You can also pin them on larger groups pinboards that have a large following. This is a very cost-effective way for you to reach a huge audience. Pinterest can be a huge source of referral traffic for your website. And this can help you grow your email lists significantly. So why not give it a shot?

In Closing

Building and growing a successful business has today become much easier to do thanks to technological advancements. Today, there are numerous platforms that business-owners can use to promote and sell their products to their targeted audience. Consider who you wish to focus on based on your goods or services then choose a platform that will help you bring in more business.

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