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5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Relationships are hard, and sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you’re in a hard spot of a genuinely good relationship, or whether you’ve crossed over into a toxic, damaging partnership. This can happen with significant others, friends, and even family, and it’s important to know when to drop a relationship to preserve your wellbeing. Here are five common signs that you’re in an unstable, toxic relationship.

1. Hurtful Jokes or Humor

Jokes at the other person’s expense aren’t necessarily harmful if the tone is lighthearted and both people are comfortable and in on the laughs. Jokes that put someone down and are mocking or harmful, however, are not funny at all. If the jokes continue even when you’ve expressed your discomfort, that’s a big no-no.

2. Passive-Aggressiveness

Communication is a two-way street, and snide remarks or passive-aggressive comments do not have a place in a healthy relationship. Being expected to read someone else’s mind and then being berated after the fact isn’t good for anyone. Good relationships are built off of clear, direct communication between both parties.

3. Needing to Ask Permission

If you feel you cannot do something on your own without the other person’s permission, there are a lot of red flags being thrown. No one else should be in control of your choices in life, so if you feel you aren’t allowed to decide to go out or make changes in your own life, you should analyze whether the situation you’re in is truly healthy.

4. Isolation

People who build toxic relationships tend to work to isolate the person they’re aiming to control. If your relationship partner is pushing you to not hang out or associate with other people such as friends or family, realize that they may be actively trying to isolate you and make you feel more powerless.

5. Lack of Respect

Respect is huge in any relationship, and when it is lacking, there is sure to be trouble. Respect comes in a lot of forms: respecting boundaries, respecting passions, respecting other’s time, and overall respecting them as an individual. If you’re constantly feeling disrespected and undermined in your relationship, things need to seriously change.

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