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    Edel Mwende

    Edel Mwende is a free-spirit who spends time in creative work ( crocheting and knitting to unwind). She loves keeping her mind occupied and is always looking for something new to feed her mind. A Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter and Content Researcher. Wordplay and learning new things every day are a few things that keep her motivated.

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  • 6 Ways Technology Is Changing Business

    6 Ways Technology Is Changing Business0

    In the past several years, we have witnessed the rapid growth that the business world has undergone. And all these changes are mostly attributed to technology advancements. The rate at which technological development is developing, changing, and adapting is quite fast that the tidal waves of progress will sweep you away—whether you are prepared for

  • How Technology Can Help Your Business Get Funded

    How Technology Can Help Your Business Get Funded0

    As a business owner, getting funding for your ideas and your financial situation are could be on your mind most of the time. Actually, raising capital could be one of the challenging tasks that a business owner has to carry out. This takes creativity, intelligence, time and certainly some luck. Luckily today, there are lots