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    Nicolae Bochis

    Nicolae Bochis is a writer who loves contributing articles about health, technology, and business. He specializes in short form writing and always guarantees to offer valuable content. Nicolae loves a good challenge and when he doesn’t write articles, he enjoys spending his time reading.

Author's Posts

  • Top 3 Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

    Top 3 Hacks to Boost Your Productivity0

    Everyone is busy these days, with so many tasks that need to be accomplished. It’s easy to get lost in your work or your chores and lose sight of what is important. People suffer from procrastination; they overthink or try to be a perfectionist. All of these things affect your productivity, and at the end

  • Top 4 Things to Buy Second Hand

    Top 4 Things to Buy Second Hand0

    Some products don’t lose any of their quality because of high-intensity use or age. Some of these items might be even better by being broken in by someone else. Many people unnecessarily waste money by buying everything new. In most cases, sure, it’s a good idea to invest in a brand new item that surely

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Long Flight More Bearable

    5 Ways to Make Your Long Flight More Bearable0

    Flying can be quite tiresome. There’s limited space on the plane, some passengers are cranky or sick and there’s always that one toddler aboard that won’t stop crying. It’s easy to end the flight looking like you spent the time wrestling with a bear. Despite these unavoidable circumstances, there are a few things you can

  • Top 6 Things Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You

    Top 6 Things Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You0

    Going on a cruise can be a great vacation for you and your loved ones. They are extremely tempting with all sorts of special offers and great sounding deals, however, there is always a fine print. A lot of people don’t take the time to research exactly what they’re paying for and then end up