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    Quinn Holloway

    Quinn Holloway-Jackson currently lives and works outside of Phoenix, AZ, although his roots extend back to Northeast and upstate NY. He shares his home with his boyfriend, their two dogs, two cats, a chinchilla, and a menagerie of other critters. He has been writing since he had a solid grasp on his ABCs, but when he isn't writing, you can find him reading, hiking, playing video games, or spamming Instagram with pictures of his pets

Author's Posts

  • Top 5 Most Ridiculous Expensive Mobile Apps

    Top 5 Most Ridiculous Expensive Mobile Apps0

    • Tech
    • October 23, 2019

    There’s an app for just about anything, and nowadays you can get some incredible ones for less than a few bucks – or even entirely free! That being said, there are also apps that will blow your mind with their prices. Some of them serve legitimate purposes, such as high-end video editing software, or POS

  • Top 5 Deadliest Places on Earth

    Top 5 Deadliest Places on Earth2

    1. The Bolton Strid, England This peaceful, picturesque creek located in Yorkshire, England hardly looks like one of the deadliest places in the world, but don’t let it fool you. Many claim these waters boast a 100% fatality rate for every human that has had the misfortune of falling into them. While other parts of

  • Top 4 Diets for a Healthier Body

    Top 4 Diets for a Healthier Body2

    Fad diets have always come and gone throughout the course of human history. Be it a miracle pill, a slimming shake, or a token ingredient or cooking method that all claim to revolutionize weight loss and overall health, there’s a lot of diet trends out there, and not all of them boast true results. If

  • 7 Steps to Planning the Perfect Road Trip

    7 Steps to Planning the Perfect Road Trip1

    Summer is just around the corner, and what better time to plan a road trip is there? Cruising with your friends with the music up and the windows down sound like the perfect vaca, but there’s quite a bit of planning to be had if you’re going to pull it off successfully and with as