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    Quy Tran

    Quy is a copywriter, with 3 years of experience writing blogs, articles, and copies for brand promotion. His background in finance, technology, and marketing allows him to convey powerful messages through his writing.

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  • 5 Useful Websites You Should Know

    5 Useful Websites You Should Know0

    The Internet is a magical place, with a myriad of useful websites, pages, and gadgets. It is very difficult to know and keep track of all of them – there are just too many! In today’s post on Topthingy, we’re giving you 5 websites that are extremely helpful yet remain unknown throughout the years. 1.

  • Top 3 Corporate “Darwin Award”

    Top 3 Corporate “Darwin Award”0

    For those of you who don’t know, a Darwin Award is not an actual award. It’s a tongue-in-cheek phrase that people use to refer to individuals who “contributed” to human evolution by getting rid of themselves from the gene pool. Nowadays it’s used to mean foolish things people did that end up damaging their plans,

  • Top 3 Relaxing Podcasts You Can Listen to While Working

    Top 3 Relaxing Podcasts You Can Listen to While Working0

    In recent years, podcasts have become really popular. People can listen to podcasts while they are relaxing, cooking, playing games, studying or even while they are working. Listening to a podcast is fun, easy and even educational. Today on Topthingy, we will introduce you to our top 3 relaxing podcasts that you can listen to

  • 5 Professions That Were Once Very Highly Regarded

    5 Professions That Were Once Very Highly Regarded0

    Throughout history, many professions have come and gone, getting replaced by more modern ones brought by technological advances. 20 years ago, working as a VHS Player repairer was the norm; nowadays, it’s been replaced by phone and appliances repairmen. Some jobs didn’t completely disappear, but they lost a lot of their prestige and importance. Here