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5 Best Baby Oils For All Skin Types

5 Best Baby Oils For All Skin Types

A baby’s skin is fragile, thin and sensitive. So to avoid harming this sensitive skin, make sure you use baby oils for cleansing, protecting the surface and maintain moisture. In addition, baby oil can come in handy for massaging baby, a fantastic activity which helps you bond with your little one while bringing them added comfort.

All baby oils may be categorized into two primary types: the vegetable oils (like shea butter and coconut oil) and the mineral oils (like Johnson’s baby oil and Vaseline). Depending on conditions and your baby’s skin, you might choose to use vegetable oil, mineral oils, or a mix of both. Below are the top baby oils available on the market.

1. Johnson’s Baby Oil

This is the most popular baby oil so far. Johnson’s Baby oil is developed for moisturizing babies fragile skin, keeping it from drying. It’s great for alleviating rough patches and dry skin. This baby oil is worth stocking since it is versatile. This Pure mineral oil creates a smooth moisturizing barrier that helps prevent excess loss of moisture and will lock in 10x more moisture levels on a wet skin compared to what ordinary lotions can on a dry skin. The Johnson’s Baby oil is clinically evidenced to be mild and gentle on baby’s skin. In addition, it’s very easy to apply and is ideal for massaging your baby and a relaxing bonding session for baby and mum.

2. Burt’s Baby Oil

This Burt’s Bees Baby oil brand seeks to provide your baby with a kind start ‘as nature intended’. The oil is a hundred percent natural and may be used on your baby’s dry or wet skin directly. You can also add it into your baby’s bath water. Being a combination oil, this oil contains mineral oil which is mixed with grape seed and apricot oil that is helpful especially to relieve dry skin. What’s more, this specific oil may be used to give that healthy natural freshness. The Burt’s baby oil is a skin care product that is developed without parabens, phthalates, SLS, or petrolatum.

3. Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

For those that prefer using coconut oil on their babies, this baby oil by Kokoso company is the choice for you. The award-winning baby oil is made from top quality, raw organic virgin coconuts. It’s perfect for sensitive, newborn, and also eczema-prone types of skin. This multi-purpose coconut oil is a winter savior (fights chapped, dry skin) and the summer hero (a moisturizer after-sun formula). with a silky luxuriously smooth texture, the Kokoso Baby oil is lightweight than the different coconut oils and so gets absorbed faster into fragile skin without leaving baby feeling greasy. As the most gentle and natural way to care for babies’ sensitive skin, their mums may also get benefits from this multipurpose wonder oil. It can be used as hair mask for revitalizing tired looking lock or use it as pregnancy belly balm! More uses include lip balm, massage oil, after sun treatment, make-up remover plus many more.

4. Storksak’s Natural Baby Oil

Probably the most indulgent of baby oils available. The Storksak Natural Baby Oil is wonderfully light and it’s improved with a mix of jojoba seeds, shea butter, and sweet almond oils. In addition, it comprises of chamomile for relaxing and helping in peaceful sleep. This organic and natural oil is great for baby’s bath time as well as baby massage since it helps to relax, calm, and soothe your baby as a night time routine. This baby oil contains no colors, parabens, mineral oils, SLS or synthetic fragrances.

5. Baby Shea Oil from Earth Friendly

This high-quality and ultra-gentle massage oil for baby works for all skin types and ages. Shea oil from Earth Friendly has grand moisturizing properties that will keep baby’s skin smooth, soft, and well nourished. It contains rose, chamomile, scented lavender, and calendula. The Shea baby oil is a fantastic addition to the baby’s nighttime routine. It makes a fabulous baby massage oil and its bottle comes in a disc-top cover, making it easy to open and also close for slippery hands thus avoiding spills. This product is free from parabens, artificial coloring, SLS and synthetic fragrances.

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