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  • 5 ways to strengthen your relationship

    5 ways to strengthen your relationship2

    Have you ever met one of those couples that seem to have it all together? The ones that feel like they never left the newly-wed stage, and just keep falling deeper and deeper in love each day? Here is a little secret about those relationships: It’s not effortless, they actively work at their relationship. Like

  • 4 Ways to Save a Relationship

    4 Ways to Save a Relationship2

    Long term romantic relationships can sometimes become stagnant. People become too comfortable with each other, life becomes a routine and nothing seems to evolve anymore. Without growth, the spark fades away and small things can start turning into arguments and resentments. Don’t give up! Too many people nowadays feel that everyone is simply replaceable. If

  • 7 First Date Ideas

    7 First Date Ideas2

    Most people expect to be wined and dined on a first date, but if you just do what everybody else does it is more difficult to make a lasting first impression. Here’s a list of seven things you can do on a first date that will not only be memorable but might just land you

  • 5 Ways To Keep Romance Alive

    5 Ways To Keep Romance Alive3

    Long-term relationships can be hard work at the best of times, so it’s really no surprise that romance suffers sooner or later. As the novelty of a relationship wears off, it can be all too easy to fall into routines which kill off the excitement and rush of the heady, early days. The following is

  • 3 Tactics To Argue Your Way To a Stronger Marriage

    3 Tactics To Argue Your Way To a Stronger Marriage2

    In any relationship, conflict is inevitable and romantic relationships are no exception. Even then, arguing by itself is not what predicts whether couples separate, but how they handle disagreements whenever they arise. If you resort to name-calling or show contempt for your spouse, it may not be the best thing for your marriage. So, those

  • 8 Signs You Definitely Need to Get a Divorce

    8 Signs You Definitely Need to Get a Divorce3

    Are you considering getting a divorce, but are wondering whether that’s the right decision for you? It’s totally okay to have some doubts, but at times it’s necessary that you take a step back to evaluate the situation closely. Rather than live with your partner yet the resentment keeps growing, why not address the situation