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  • Top 5 Weirdest Unsolved Mysteries

    Top 5 Weirdest Unsolved Mysteries0

    Part of life is accepting that there is always going to be something that we never truly understand. Whether it’s a small town murder or an international sensation, unsolved mysteries have captured the mind’s of people everywhere, serving as both curiosities and horror stories to keep one up at night. While there is no shortage

  • 5 Things That are Cheaper to Make Yourself

    5 Things That are Cheaper to Make Yourself0

    There’s a lot of money to be saved if you’re willing to tap into your inner DIY-er! While there will always be a time where it doesn’t hurt to spend a little more for the convenience of prepackaged goods, a lot of us could stand to benefit from taking the extra time to skip out

  • Top 5 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

    Top 5 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories0

    The world is a strange and mysterious place, and it doesn’t take much to admit that we don’t always know everything that goes on behind closed doors. Conspiracy theories have been rampant for ages on all aspects of human existence imaginable, and there is more and more every day. Today we’re going to go over

  • 10 Weird Animals Most People Don’t Know Exist

    10 Weird Animals Most People Don’t Know Exist0

    The animal kingdom is far larger than many of us ever realize. With new animals still being discovered regularly, it’s no surprise that many folks don’t know about some of the most unique creatures currently sharing our planet. Here are ten of the countless unique and interesting animals that most people don’t even know exist. 1.

  • 5 Free Ways You Can Donate to Those In Need Online

    5 Free Ways You Can Donate to Those In Need Online0

    Compassion is part of human existence, so it is only natural to want to give to those in need whenever possible. That being said, it isn’t always feasible to donate money if you yourself are in a financial pinch, and not everyone has to time to spend hours volunteering. Here are five ways that you

  • 10 Survival Skills Everyone Should Learn

    10 Survival Skills Everyone Should Learn0

    No one ever plans to be thrust into a situation where they must rely on their wits to survive, but it can happen whether you’re expecting it to or not. Time and time again, people are saved by their knowledge of basic survival skills and quick, level-headed thinking in the face of the unknown. Here’s