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  • Tops Ways to Ease Anxiety

    Tops Ways to Ease Anxiety0

    Many people deal with anxiety on some level. Rather it’s sweating and heart racing before making a big presentation or being overwhelmed by a crowded subway car that can make you dread the daily commute, everyone needs to form strategies to deal with anxiety when it comes. 1. Write about it Writing about what makes

  • 4 Simple Exercises To Do At Work

    4 Simple Exercises To Do At Work0

    A big fad over the last few years has been the standing desk. They’ve begun showing up in offices all over the country but are they really worth it? Some people have reported more focus and a more satisfied feeling at work versus traditional sitting at a desk. But if your primary focus is to

  • How To Develop a Gym Routine

    How To Develop a Gym Routine0

    Experts say that it takes approximately 21 days to form a habit. With this thinking, if you can keep up your routine of going to the gym for just three weeks, it will be much easier to continue going in the future. Here are some tips to help you get started building your routine: 1.

  • What Tea To Drink Based On Your Skin Type

    What Tea To Drink Based On Your Skin Type0

    Any trip down a tea aisle of a grocery store will reveal that there are teas for every type of discomfort, from insomnia to stress to weight loss to constipation. But what about your skin? Tea can help with many common skin conditions, however, that’s not something the tea industry regularly advertises. There are two

  • What To Eat After Your Workout

    What To Eat After Your Workout2

    What to eat after your workout can be a more complicated thing to figure out than the workout itself. There are hundreds of articles online, all with different and contradicting information. “Eat fat!” “No, don’t ever eat fat!” “Carbo load!” “Avoid carbs!” There’s no end to it and they all claim to be backed up

  • Top Ways to Get Rid Of Chronic Headaches

    Top Ways to Get Rid Of Chronic Headaches0

    If you’re reading this article, it’s clear that you’ve gone to the internet for help with chronic headaches. Chronic headaches are one of the scarier things to Google because they can bring up a lot of terrifying possible causes. If you try some of the things on this list and are still plagued with headaches,