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  • Top 4 Ultra-wide Monitor For Gamers

    Top 4 Ultra-wide Monitor For Gamers0

    While a monitor is just a peripheral device in a desktop computer set up, it’s an important device still. It’s the place where all the information processed by your computer is displayed, shown and portrayed. A monitor won’t be giving you any additional speed, processing power or convenience, but it is where your eyes will

  • Top 5 Wireless Earbuds That Can Rival Apple’s AirPods

    Top 5 Wireless Earbuds That Can Rival Apple’s AirPods0

    Wireless Bluetooth earbud is all the rage nowadays. People are gradually replacing their traditional wired earphones with the wireless ones. To be fair, the switch makes total sense. The old wired earphones are clunky and can get easily tangled in your pocket. They are also quite restrictive when you are out on the run or

  • Top 4 Mechanical Keyboards For Old School Users

    Top 4 Mechanical Keyboards For Old School Users0

    If you are one of those who has been typing on a keyboard since the early 2000s, you must have noticed that the “click” sound is completely gone from most modern keyboards. Way back then, manufacturers were producing mechanical keyboards that use physical switches to the facility a push. When you press a key, the

  • 5 Smartphones With Long Battery Life

    5 Smartphones With Long Battery Life0

    Nowadays, battery life is no longer a deal-breaker when it comes to smartphone choices. Customers are looking more at the hardware before they are looking at the battery. Phones have to have a good camera, powerful processor so the users can play modern games on it, or a wide enough screen allowing the users to

  • 4 Lightweight Laptop For Remote Workers

    4 Lightweight Laptop For Remote Workers0

    For workers who are constantly on the move, a laptop that is light, durable and reliable is an essential tool. Mobile devices like phones and iPads are convenient to use; a desktop environment provides more capable tools for document processing, photo editing, video making, and time management. Laptops are heavier than most mobile devices, and

  • 4 Best Website Hosting Companies

    4 Best Website Hosting Companies0

    It seems like everyone is making things happen online these days, it makes no difference if you are young or old. If you have a laptop and WiFi, then anything can be possible. If you’re looking to tap into the possibilities of the online market by starting a blog or an online business picking a