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  • 4 Ways to Teach Yourself How to Code

    4 Ways to Teach Yourself How to Code0

    Technology is part of everyone life and programming is becoming a skill that everyone should possess. Coding is no longer just for computer science majors. It’s something even children are starting to learn in elementary school. Some of the highest paying careers in IT involve programming, so you can ensure your future by having this

  • 4 Awesome Online Games You Can Play for Free

    4 Awesome Online Games You Can Play for Free0

    There are a lot of video games out there, and not only is it hard to find ones worth playing, but it’s also even harder to find ones that you can afford. With AAA games taking over the market with hefty price tags and not always providing the most bang for your buck even then,

  • 5 Jobs Performed by Animals

    5 Jobs Performed by Animals0

    Almost everyone loves animals, and what’s not to love? From fur to feathers, scales to tails, there’s a friend in the animal kingdom for everyone. While many animals now share our homes as loving and fascinating companions, there are also plenty of animals who are hard at work for their human counterparts in ways you

  • 5 Fashion Accessories of the Future

    5 Fashion Accessories of the Future0

    The world of fashion is constantly shifting and evolving. With a push for technology integration and sustainable sourcing, many companies are struggling to stay relevant with the fast-paced changes. For everyone left behind, however, another one steps up to take its place with something truly innovative and exciting. Here are five super cool, game-changing fashion

  • Top 4 ways your smartphone affects you

    Top 4 ways your smartphone affects you0

    The smartphone has become indispensable in our everyday life. We use it to communicate with family, coordinate with coworkers, we benefit from using the millions of applications for every aspect of our lives and we use them for entertainment. It’s a pocket computer that people can no longer live without. However, there are some negative

  • Top 4 Facebook Scams you should avoid

    Top 4 Facebook Scams you should avoid0

    There are always certain people trying to scam you for a quick buck or trying to take advantage of your kindness. The digital age didn’t really change things. It just gave scammers a new path to lucrative scams. Some of these people moved on from tricks over the phone. They go after their victims over