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10 Unusual Foreplay Practices In Different Cultures

Across the globe, perspectives on relationships, love, and sex vary from one culture to the next. Such differences exist due to some societies tending to support and integrate sexuality into their cultures while others seem to suppress it. Whether it’s due to culture, traditions, or just plain kinkiness, there’s a lot of unusual sexual customs from around the globe that might actually surprise you. But first,

What Is Foreplay?

Typically foreplay is classified as the emotional and physical sexual interactions between spouses that lead to sex. Similar to kissing, foreplay comes in a wide range that includes and is not restricted to fondling, romantic kissing, and sensual touching. This may comprise of any activity that creates sexual arousal.

When it comes to verbal foreplay, aspects like intimate conversations, compliments and double entendre subtle comments are considered here. Non-verbally, things like suggestive motions and clothing, provocative clothing, winking, preening gestures, licking and biting one’s lips will fall under this category. In addition, holding a gaze longer than with a casual interest and even standing inside someone’s personal space is considered non-verbal foreplay.

Foreplay starts when a partner reciprocates sexual interest. And this is dependent on the context, as non-objection to your partner’s advances could signal that sexual interest is reciprocal. Just like a response to hugging or a kiss.

Though different from what we are all used to, below is a look at ten sexual practices from different cultures of the world.

1. Tripping The Men

Among the Guajiro tribe of Columbia, women must, during a ceremonial dance, make a man literally ‘fall’ to have sex. So, if a woman trips any man during this dance, they must make love.

2. Sex With Young Boys

In the island of Mangaia, in the South Pacific Ocean, young boys aged around 13 may have sex with the older women. During this time the women teach them intricacies of lovemaking and how they can best please their partners.

3. Annual Wife-Stealing Festival

For the West African tribe of Wodaabe of Niger, they have yearly Gerewol Festival. During this festival, Wodaabe men get to wear costumes and elaborate makeup and then try to covertly steal someone’s wife. When they leave undetected, that union gains recognition.

4. Armpit-flavored Apples For a Suitor

In rural Austria, the young women will participate in a ritual dance with their armpits stuffed with apple slices. Once the dance is over, each offers her slice to a man of their choice, and he must eat it.

5. Sex Outside Marriage During Pon Celebration

In Indonesia, during the Pon celebration, the participants are to spend the night and be intimate with someone else than their spouse. It’s believed that their wishes for good luck can only come true when they get intimate with the same person during all the seven celebrations held throughout the year.

6. Brothers Sharing One Woman

In the Himalayas, some Nepali tribes do practice polyandry. In essence, all the brothers will share one woman, with the aim that they do not get too many kids for their small farmland.

7. Love-Huts For Teenage Girls

In Cambodia, the Kreung Tribe elders do build love-huts for their teenage daughters. Once they reach their teen years, the girls will have different boys spending the night in the hut day after day. And only will stop once she has found a suitable partner, who will be with her for the rest of her life.

8. ‘Practising’ Sex Without Becoming Emotionally Attached

From Chattisgarh, the Muria Tribe have a rather sexually liberated culture. The Muria have mixed-sex quarters where their adolescents are sent to ‘practice’ premarital sex. This can sometimes be with a single partner or sometimes serially. During this time they are discouraged from emotional attachment to their partners.

9. Drinking The Tribes Mightiest Warrior Semen

In Papua New Guinea, the Sambia Tribe have a traditional practice of separating the girls from boys at age 7 for a period of 10 years. And during this time, they will undergo nose bleeds and piercings. They also have to drink the tribes mightiest warriors semen.

10. Making Love With Underwear On

Among the Inis Beag tribe’s people, an island off the Irish coast, the people are so repressed sexually that they will keep on their underwear even during lovemaking.

To wrap up

There are situations that act as turn-offs and can affect a romantic mood which partners may have been created. For turn-offs, this can extend to things such as bad breath, excessive noise, body odor, or a constant reference to ex-partners. Also, a person’s sexual suppression can impact the creation and maintaining of sexual interest. There are people who might feel uncomfortable with some acts like French kissing, nudity, or possibility of someone intruding (e.g. children), besides other unusual situations.



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