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How Technology Can Help Your Business Get Funded

How Technology Can Help Your Business Get Funded

As a business owner, getting funding for your ideas and your financial situation are could be on your mind most of the time. Actually, raising capital could be one of the challenging tasks that a business owner has to carry out. This takes creativity, intelligence, time and certainly some luck.

Luckily today, there are lots of new apps, technologies, and websites that seek to help entrepreneurs network, find investors and build their brands—and this simply takes perseverance and an ability to share your story. Not forgetting choosing the right social platform to offer your service or product.

Below we take a look at how you can get funding for your business through the use of technology.

1. It is intertwined with e-commerce funding

Nowadays, e-commerce startups are possibly the hottest establishments in the entrepreneurial domain and there’s a good reason. Costumers expect to shop for just about everything online, and this isn’t going to change soon. Moreover, e-commerce companies that are considering using technology to simplify their customers’ lives are more likely to get noticed by a potential investor. But first, they will need to put themselves out there.

2. Use technology to market your e-commerce start-up

Entrepreneurs should look into embracing new technologies and also digital platforms for numerous reasons. And this will include easy access to digital marketing channels. This can actually be the most persuasive reason of all.

The net is the most essential source of connections which you can have instant access to—and it is for this reason that it is a good place to distribute information about your company and the unique service or product you are that’s exceptional, or disruptive.

But, can you take it beyond that? How else can you market your startup? By being actively participating on startup forums and blogs; joining different networks aimed at connecting founders with investors (an example is Angel.co and Gust); and numerous other social activities, this allows you to connect with influential people you normally wouldn’t meet in real life. Some of these people might end up being mentors, investors, partners, or some could be a combination thereof.

3. Digital platforms and helpful sites for busy entrepreneurs

Currently, there are more options available for entrepreneurs for organizing their expenses and come up with good financial plans—there is virtually everything you need from overarching solutions such as MoneyDance, iBank, Mint.com, to online loan apps and calculators to help you find out your possible finances, resources and the risks involved as well as potential value.

Additionally, you can get low cost or free solutions to help you with advertising or marketing. These solutions vary from services like project management apps to Fiverr to Upwork where you can easily find a low-cost but talented freelancer to help with any aspect of your startup. Here you can work with some with the knowledge base to manage some business aspect for you.

4. Entrepreneurial Social Networking

Use of social media is among the most fundamental marketing tactics possible – but it can also be the one thing that is usually overlooked by most entrepreneurs and startup owners. Though a big mistake—social media platforms are a great way to connect with prospective investors and raise funds.

There are various web apps as well as social networking tools you can use to help connect you with possible sources of funds—and you certainly need to know where to look, the best networks that suit your industry, and ways you can create profiles that will attract potential investors to you.

5. Strength in numbers: The power of internet crowds

In fact, investments do not have to be given by key venture capitalists. For example, there are some crowdfunding platforms and apps like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Lending Club. These platforms allow individuals with brilliant ideas to share them with the group, who will then basically vote with their money.

Actually, there are over 600 crowdsourced platforms worldwide, and they jointly raise billions of dollars each year. What is more, crowdfunding has other possible benefits other than offering put more cash in your pocket.

The reach of social media and the potential publicity the offer can be as a result of a well-crafted profile as well as via pitching on different sites. In so doing, you might end up getting more funding for your venture. And nothing beats a highly qualified positive publicity. Thus said, for you to succeed on these sites will require that you have a captivating story and the first group of supporters who will help spread the word—so, how about spending some valuable time networking on social media, building a compelling blog, and possibly gathering some support before launching a serious campaign?

6. The game-changer for startups: Bitcoin

Although many people relate Bitcoin tech with hackers and the insecure methods of exchanging goods and money via the net. Bitcoin has become legal in recent years. Now, it may actually be among the most compelling and interesting game-changer in the e-commerce industry.

Furthermore, investments in Bitcoin linked to startups are increasing fast, and have no signs of slowing down later on. Following this trend, many experts have highlighted how the disruptive power of this digital currency serves to remind us of many successful companies which helped change the way business is done today. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider and learn more about this type of digital currency.

Consequently, savvy business owners should certainly research and consider the many potentials of Bitcoin and ways it can possibly help fund their venture.

All said and done…

establishing a business is by itself difficult and complicated enough. So why not utilize everything you can to carry out using different technologies for you to find funding and make your life simpler? Consider investing your brainpower and time into learning how technology will help you get the funding you need. It can help improve and develop your company and it can be one of the most important decision you will ever make.

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