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How Technology Helps the Environment

How Technology Helps the Environment

Manmade climate change is a hot topic nowadays, but saving the environment is a top priority for many great minds. Some think that technology is dangerous and can harm the environment even more, but new inventions prove otherwise. New tech is constantly being developed to tackle the many problems humans have caused on this planet. There is hope that one day, technology will solve all of our problems, but until then here’s how it helps the environment.

1. The Digital Revolution

Maybe you never thought about it, but there used to be a lot more mail. You used to get bills, letters, newspapers and store advertisements through the mail, and that was a lot of wasted paper. The digital age has already eliminated this problem. Mail has been replaced by email and businesses no longer have basements full of filing cabinets packed with paperwork. That’s what the cloud is for. All files are stored digitally and can be accessed by anyone.

2. Environmental Monitoring

Technology is being used to make sure environment regulations are being respected. For example, poaching has been significantly reduced in areas that are monitored by drones and hidden security cameras.

Air-pollution monitoring systems are being installed near gas and oil facilities to test the air quality and trigger alarms when regulations aren’t being followed. Plus, simulation systems are also being put in place everywhere to guarantee that manufactured products are safe for the environment.

3. Renewable Energy

The polluting energy sector is gradually being replaced with new, clean sources of energy. Wind and solar energy are being harnessed with little to no impact on the environment. An added bonus to the average consumer is that this form of energy generation is also cheaper and sustainable. In some countries, the governments are offering funds to people who are opting to install solar panels on the rooftops of their house. Both the environment and the individual are benefiting from the use of renewable energy tech.

4. Smart Tech

Homes are the main energy users and in most of them, energy is being wasted. Technology like automated thermostats and motion-sensor activated lights reduce energy waste and financial waste. These simple and affordable devices can make a large difference when used on a massive scale. Power consumption is significantly reduced and you have some extra money in your wallet.

5. Electric Cars

We’re not quite there yet with replacing fossil fuel engines, but it’s a start. We rely on public and personal transport in our everyday lives. They are a necessity, but they pollute the atmosphere at a significant rate. Many countries have already replaced most of their public transportation systems that were running on diesel, but that’s not enough. Electric cars are the future for the individual as well, and governments have already started work on the infrastructure. In the near future, everyone will replace their carbon dioxide pumping cars with electric cars. Until then, people need to rely more on public transport.


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