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How To Style the Baby Bangs You Will Inevitably Think Are a Good Idea

Baby bangs are the upcoming trend, and it looks like they might be around for a while. Intentionally getting bangs is a big step (notice the word intentionally because we’ve all had those post-breakup/lost job/rock bottom moments when we just hacked out hair off in the bathroom because we “needed a change” but let’s pretend that never happened). So, if you’re considering it or have already taken the leap, here are some tips and tricks for styling a cute fringe.

1. The Essential Style

Using a round brush to add volume, blow dry your baby bangs immediately after getting wet. For a straighter look, use a standard brush or comb. The air from the dryer should be moving in the same direction you want your bangs to lay when dry. Keep your bangs moving back and forth to avoid your bangs clumping up.

2. The Backup Essential Style

If you don’t have time to dry your bangs fully, find a backup plan that works for you. Most people suggest the “twist and tuck.” Divide your hair down the middle, then twist it to each side and let dry. This style may not work for everyone; other options include swooping to one side or just letting them dry as is and hoping for the best.

3. The Disaster Plan

You did everything right from steps 1 and 2, but your bangs have still decided to be Kate Winslet from the bow scene in Titanic today. This is where the disaster plan comes into play. Find and practice a hairstyle that will completely take your bangs out of the equation. For some people, this can be as easy as pinning them to the side or straight back in a pompadour style, but especially since we’re discussing baby bangs which are usually too short to be tucked or pinned anywhere, you will most likely need to get creative.

A good solution that definitely needs some practice ahead of time is a crown braid. Basically, a french braid that goes around the edge of your hair, perfect for grabbing all those short baby bang hairs in the front and keeping them in check. Your next best option is a good collection of headbands. Whatever works for you, planning ahead of time is essential when you have a high maintenance haircut like baby bangs because the day they decide to stop cooperating is inevitably going to be the day you have a big meeting, new date or any event with tons of photo ops.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Skin

This is number two because so few people think of this when deciding to get bangs. Both natural hair oils and any product that you use in your hair is now rubbing on your forehead constantly. Make sure you’ve stocked up on your preferred anti-oil skin care regiment and keep an eye on it. The bangs vs. forehead situation can quickly become a vicious cycle in which the bangs are making your skin look bad, but the bangs are also hiding the bad skin. Don’t let that cycle start, take care of your skin from the very beginning.

5. Get Ready To Wash Your Hair More

Studies have shown that not washing your hair every day can have positive effects as it allows your hair to renew its natural oils. With bangs, that may not be an option, particularly for people with oily hair. If your hair is even slightly greasy, it shows in your fringe, and most of the time it’s a lot more work than throwing it up in a ponytail. Keeping your fringe clean is also vital to reducing the amount of oil that’s being transferred to your forehead.

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