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  • Top 5 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

    Top 5 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors5

    Everyone knows that being active and living healthy is important at all ages. This is equally true with hobbies. Social and mental activity is as crucial as exercising, yet so many people go into retirement and fall into isolation and inactivity. This is not healthy and can lead to serious psychological and cardiovascular problems. Seniors

  • Top 5 Home Workout Equipment For Beginners

    Top 5 Home Workout Equipment For Beginners0

    Working out has been trending for the last 5 years. Teenagers and adults alike are paying more attention to their health and they have chosen to work out to improve both their physical strength and appearance. For beginners, the idea of going to a gym can be daunting. We don’t know how to use any

  • 6 Great Exercises That Require No Equipment

    6 Great Exercises That Require No Equipment0

    So you’re ready to get in shape. Good for you! Taking your health seriously and adopting a regular exercise plan is an important part of adding quality years to your life and enjoy yourself even more in the present. That being said, not everyone has the opportunity or funds to head out to a gym

  • 10 Simple Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

    10 Simple Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast0

    As you choose exercises for reducing thigh fat, look at those that will help you tone leg muscles and at the same time increase muscle strength. By building those muscles and shading some thigh fat, everyday tasks will become a lot easier to perform. The best part being, you might find that your pants can

  • Top 4 Mistakes You Make at the Gym

    Top 4 Mistakes You Make at the Gym0

    Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s alright as long as lessons are being learned. The gym is no exception. Many people start a fitness program without informing themselves about diet, types of exercises or proper form. New gym goers assume they can work out instinctively and simply figure things out on their own, but there are

  • Top 5 Exercises to Build Strength

    Top 5 Exercises to Build Strength0

    Whether you’re an experienced bodybuilder or you need to get in shape cause of the office life, strength training is needed to improve yourself. Having strength isn’t about who’s tougher. Strength improvement leads to better muscle development, a better posture in daily life and more stamina. It’s easy to feel physically tired all day, especially