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Top 3 Car Insurance Companies

Top 3 Car Insurance Companies

Whether you are a first-time driver or a seasoned vet, car insurance is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The monthly bill will serve as a constant reminder of your decision, and it will be reinforced when it comes time to file a claim. This is a short list of the best auto insurance providers for the U.S.

1. Progressive

Flo from Progressive’s TV commercials has become a household name with her corky jokes, and perky personality, but it’s not Flo alone that is drawing 1 in 10 Americans to choose Progressive as their insurance of choice. Progressive offers an array of great reasons to pick them. Starting with the competitive pricing, and options to get discounts like Snapshot, which tracks your driving habits, and gives discounts for people who are driving safely.

Progressive also has a “Name your price program” Which lets you plug in the price you can afford monthly, and they show you all the available coverage within your price, adding a sense of ease to picking a plan. On top of all of that, progressive offers roadside assistance and excellent loan or lease payoff programs for if your car has been totaled.

2. StateFarm

“Like a good neighbor, StateFarm is there” I am guessing you could hear the tune of the jingle in your head while reading that. StateFarm has more than just great sonic branding, they hold true to their slogan by having numerous local offices and agents in towns across the United States. This makes getting individualized service from a real person convenient with StateFarm Insurance. While they pride themselves on their unmatched in-person service, they also offer great online services as well, with one of the best insurance apps in the industry.

StateFarm offers two programs to save money while driving. Like Progressive, they offer savings based on your driving, with their Drive Safe & Save program. They also offer a discount for young drivers who have three years of a clean driving record with their Steer Clear program for drivers under 25.

3. Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance has numerous perks like its 24-hour claim service that allows you to make claims when they happen, so you don’t miss any of the details. On top of their already above average standard coverage, they offer unique add-ons, like accident forgiveness for your first accident, where your rates are unaffected by the accident. New car replacement is great for insuring a new car, they cover the cost of any totaled car within the first year of owning it.

Apart from its great addons, Liberty Mutual Insurance is known for its dependable customer service and willingness to help. They really take care of their customers and make sure they are getting the most out of their coverage. Even if you are not a Liberty Mutual Customer, they offer great tools for understanding and educating yourself on how to pick an insurance provider that is right for you. Like their Insurance Glossary that breaks down all the lingo of insurance terms. No matter where you end up getting insured, Liberty Mutual makes a great place to start your research.

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