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Top 3 Outdoor Activities for Teens

Top 3 Outdoor Activities for Teens

We have reached a point in time when there’s an entire generation of teenagers that don’t remember a world without smartphones and tablets. This causes a sense of concern for many parents as they notice their teens constantly glued to a screen and communicating mostly through online social media. While such habits aren’t healthy, teens resort to this form of entertainment simply because it’s so readily available. When such devices didn’t exist, people had to go outside and create their entertainment. Teens don’t resort to their smartphones out of laziness. However, focusing too much attention on tech isn’t healthy, so let’s take a look at the top 3 ideas for outdoor activities that most teens actually enjoy:

1. Team Sports

Replacing physical activities entirely with online activities is not healthy for the body or for the mind. A balance must be found, and this can be achieved by participating in team sports. Many communities have private clubs dedicated to outdoor sports such as soccer or baseball. Joining one gives teens the opportunity to socialize and bond with others in different ways that they can do online. On top of that exercising, and learning the values of commitment and teamwork are essential for mental and physical health. Teens can learn discipline and perseverance without a punishment system. Sports are fun, and allow teens to learn important life skills that aren’t forced into them. Teens are at that point in human life when they’re naturally rebellious.

2. Hiking

Many teens might not appreciate nature because it is generally uncomfortable, especially if they are used to relying on tech for their amusement. However, few can resist the lure of a picturesque landscape. Hiking is a great solo activity that can also be performed together with friends. If you’re a teenager, or you’re the parent of a teen, find a fun-looking hiking trail and plan a trip on the weekend. Even reluctant teens can find out they enjoy the release they experience through hiking.

3. Unicycling

This activity may sound strange at first, however, it’s quickly gaining popularity. Many teens rely on bikes to get from point A to point B, but why not turn that into a challenging activity. Unicycling is challenging, fun and quite unique. What’s especially attractive to it is the simplicity of it mixed in with a dose of challenge and adrenaline. It’s not a difficult activity to learn, however, it’s not easy either. The reason why many teens find it fun is because they can learn how to perform many cool tricks, and then compete with each other. It’s a physical activity that requires only a bit of dedication and the challenge of it offers a dose of excitement that makes everyone forget about their smartphones at least for a little while.

Don’t force it

If you’re the parent of a teen, whatever you do, don’t force anyone to do any outdoor activities they truly don’t want to. Teenagers like to make their own decisions, so talk to them, learn more about their interests and try to find a fun activity together. All it takes is for them to get the right idea and most of the time they will make the right call.

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