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Top 3 Teen Stress Causes

Top 3 Teen Stress Causes

Many adults don’t realize that their teens are actually stressed mentally, and emotionally. Many people dismiss this idea because they think children and teens have no reason to be stressed because they don’t need to worry about rent, food, jobs and other aspects of adulthood. This has evolved into such an issue that according to the American Psychological Association teenagers are in fact more stressed than adults.

Stress needs to be dealt with as soon as possible because it can evolve into serious psychological disorders that can mark anyone for life. Patience, attention, and understanding are required in fighting this problem, so let’s discuss the top 3 teen stress causes and what can be done to manage it.

1. Academic stress

Parents don’t realize how much teens are stressed because of school work, exams, projects, presentations and so on. Normally this kind of stress is good, when under small, manageable doses. However, too much stress can take its toll on a developing teen’s mental health.

As a parent, you should be aware of this and make sure to frequently talk to your teen’s day at school. Just make sure to be patient, and no matter how tough the situation is, always act supportive instead of dismissive.

2.  Social stress

Social life is packed with peer pressure, bullies and both positive and negative relationships. Often teens feel forced into various activities because they are seeking acceptance and a feeling of belonging somewhere. This often involves them acting like someone they’re not, and this can take its toll. Speaking in a certain manner, dress code, online social activity, and even hobbies are impacted by this forced behavior. They try to fit in and they are forced to put on a mask for the sake of their peers’ acceptance. Pretending to be someone else, or essentially having a fake life outside of the home can be extremely stressful and impact any future relationships. If you notice some kind of social anxiety in your teen, or you see he or she acts differently among friends, take some time to have a conversion about it. Talking is therapeutic, especially if you offer your full support. Don’t get angry and don’t dish out any punishments because you will only aggravate an already stressful situation.

3. Time management

Does the “I don’t have time!” response come up frequently? Many teenagers never have enough time for breakfast, chores, or any other activities. This is often the case because of terrible time management skills. With smartphones, social media, and computer games, teens are easily distracted nowadays and they put off their school work constantly. This leads to a lot of stress because they feel like they never have enough time to do anything. The root of the problem is the way they deal with stress in general. Most teens use computer games and various online activities as a way to relieve stress. The relief is a good thing, however becoming addicted to it is a serious problem. Teens need to realize that managing time properly is a valuable skill they will need to possess throughout their life. A balance needs to be struck and often support, and enough sleep is needed to reach it.

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