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Top 4 Natural Ways To Increase Progesterone To Get Pregnant

Top 4 Natural Ways To Increase Progesterone To Get Pregnant

Many women suffer from a hormonal imbalance which can significantly impact the chances of getting pregnant. Fertility is influenced mainly by progesterone and low levels of this hormone can reduce a woman’s ability to conceive children.

Progesterone is the sex hormone that has control over menstruation and fertility. Not only that, but it also has an effect on the pregnancy itself. Luckily there are many ways of boosting progesterone. Let’s discuss the top 4 natural ways to improve progesterone levels:

1. Stress

Stress has a serious impact on your body’s hormonal balance. For instance, any form of psychological stress causes your body to increase levels of cortisol, a hormone used to manage stress. However, this has the negative effect of reducing your body’s level of progesterone, and therefore reducing your chances of getting pregnant. Avoid stressful situations as much as possible!

2. Weight

Being overweight can have a large impact on the production of progesterone. The main problem is that weight influences how much estrogen the body produces, and overweight women produce more of it. The more estrogen in the body, the less progesterone is being produced. Stick to a healthy diet and some light exercising to avoid gaining weight. If you happen to be overweight, you should consider losing the excess in order to have a better chance of conceiving and ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

3. Diet

In this case, we aren’t strictly discussing weight-loss diets. There are however some foods you should avoid, mainly those containing xenoestrogens. The biggest contributors to it are margarine, hydrogenated oils, and herbicides. Try to eat as much organic food as you can and avoid any of these unhealthy fats.

Another thing you can do regarding your diet is adding foods that contribute to the production of progesterone. Here are a few examples of such superfoods:

  • Food rich in Zinc: This mineral forces the ovaries to release progesterone. A few examples of foods rich in zinc are pumpkins, chickpeas, red meats, and almonds.
  • Omega 3: Anything rich in omega 3 is good at balancing hormonal levels. Make sure to add eggs, walnuts, salmon, tuna and flax seeds to your diet.
  • Fiber: Anything with a high amount of fiber will balance your hormones and improve progesterone production. Foods such as flax seeds and quinoa contain a lot of fiber.

Increasing your body’s progesterone levels can be challenging, however watching your diet can help greatly. Add as many foods that contribute to hormonal balance as possible and your chances of conceiving and going through a healthy pregnancy will increase.

4. Excessive exercising

If you are used to working out a lot at the gym, you might want to reduce the intensity. Physical activity is healthy of course, however, too much of it can put stress on your body. Physical stress also promotes the production of cortisol, which in turn will reduce the production of progesterone. You don’t have to quit exercising, just work out moderately instead, for a few days a week and only 30-60 minutes at a time.

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