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Top 4 Strong Yet Smooth House Rules For Teenagers

Top 4 Strong Yet Smooth House Rules For Teenagers

All teenagers go through the rebellious phase and they can seem uncontrollable at times. Parents often have problems enforcing rules while also keeping the peace in the family. Teens need the freedom to explore and find themselves, however, they do need guidance as well. This means teaching them the value of self-discipline and that is achieved through rules. Having a list of rules is important for every household because it helps teenagers develop values and personal traits. Now let’s take a look at the top 4 house rules teenagers should learn to follow:

1. Having a drink

The first thing you need to do is accept that teenagers will drink, whether due to their desire to experiment or peer pressure. Most parents make the horrible mistake of simply forbidding it instead of discussing it. This mistake just makes teens do things behind your back and nothing else. Instead, you should talk, allow occasional drinking, but strictly forbid drunk driving. Explain the dangers to them and tell them how it’s ok for them to call you to pick them up on a night out. This will create a bond between you and establish you as a trustworthy person they can talk to about any problems.

2. Homework

There are many distractions nowadays that keep teenagers away from their homework. However, that doesn’t mean they should ignore it and leave projects for the last minute. Instead of punishing a teen for not doing his or her homework, create a rule that is strict but rewards good behavior. Set deadlines and tell them they need to finish homework before going out with friends or playing computer games.

With that in mind, you can also prevent tech addiction by limiting it. For instance, no smartphones while doing homework or when eating dinner. Set time limits, and teach them that their devices are rewards and privileges that must be earned.

3. Chores

Teach your teens basic household management skills by assigning various tasks on a daily basis. They might not like it, but they will need these skills later in life. It doesn’t have to be anything time-consuming. Things like taking out the trash, doing laundry or preparing dinner are all common things every teen should be able to handle on his own. You can, of course, make exceptions during exam periods and when they have a lot of homework to do.

4. Yelling

Won’t accomplish anything. Teenagers are emotionally vulnerable and this means they’re not so good at handling emotions such as anger and jealousy. Many parents make the mistake of yelling at their teens when they’re angry or frustrated. This just makes them hide their emotions or become more isolated. Instead, you should make some emotion management rules. For instance, when you see your teen is angry, tell him or her to take a 5-minute break to calm down and then come back to talk about it. It’s that simple.  Teach teenagers that it’s ok to experience negative emotions because that’s life.

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