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Top 4 Ways to Streamline Your Morning Routine

Waking up early in the morning is the definition of struggle. So if you’re struggling to get into work every morning or just want an extra five minutes to sleep in the morning, try some of these tips to streamline your morning routine.

1. Make Ahead Iced Coffee

This may be the most incredible thing that has happened to mornings since cereal. These coffee makers are cheap and easy to use. Place the grounds and water into the maker then place in the fridge. Pour yourself a cup in the morning and replace in the refrigerator for the next day. No heating up water or stale coffee pod taste. Also, it can save you a ton of money by taking away your excuse for stopping at Starbucks for iced coffee.

2. Plan Your Outfits For the Week

Most people will tout that to make your morning routine faster, you need to lay out your clothes the night before, which is a piece of phenomenal advice if you have the time and energy every night to pick out an outfit. However, people with a lot of responsibilities (i.e., kids, spouses, volunteering activities, civic duties, etc.) or very active social lives may find that the work outfit for the morning is the last thing on their minds the night before. If this describes you, pick a day (if you work Monday through Friday, Sunday is usually ideal) each week and organize your clothes. You can select specific outfits for each day of the week or choose a variety that could work for the upcoming week if you still want to have options in the morning. The important thing is to have a look in mind and keep everything that you’ll need in one place. Are there specific tights you always wear with that skirt? Does this dress need a belt? Does this button down need an undershirt to match? Have these things organized together, either folded together in a drawer or organized on a hanger.

3. Organize Your Morning Essentials

Here’s the basic premise of organizing your morning essentials: things you use should be accessible, and things you don’t use should be out of sight. It’s easiest to use the bathroom sink as an example, but you can apply these principles to any part of your home that collects clutter. Look at the mess before you start cleaning. There’s usually a pile of things that are always strewn about no matter how many times you put them away. Pick these things up and put them to the side. What’s left? If there are neat rows of beauty products that you always “mean to use” but never do, get ’em out of there. Put them safely into a cabinet out of sight then organize only the things you really use in the available space. Experiment with organizers to find what works best and what doesn’t, but always remember to keep your counter clutter minimized.

4. Meal Prep

Meal prepping is a trend that started in 2017 and seems like it’s here to stay. It saves money by preventing you from using “oh no I forgot” as an excuse to go out to eat for lunch. It can also help you stick to your diet for the exact same reason. The most common meal prep is for lunch when most people are away from their home kitchens. The lunch meal prep is a huge time saver in the morning because it makes packing lunch as easy as grabbing the containers, tossing them into your lunch bag and dashing out the door. You can also meal prep for breakfast. Some of the best breakfast foods like muffins, pancakes and breakfast burritos can be made ahead and easily refrigerated to heat and eat all week long. This way you save time, money and make sure you don’t get hangry.

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