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Top 5 fashion Wristwatches

Top 5 fashion Wristwatches

Wristwatches are classy and timeless, even in today’s smartphone age. They complete your look, add to your sense of fashion, and they are functional. “Why would I want a watch when I have a phone?” is a typical reaction many of the tech-savvy generations have. However, you don’t want to pull out your phone to check the time in the middle of a meeting, or a date, or an interview. That’s simply rude. It’s much more practical and less distracting to gaze at your watch quickly. This is when a watch combines function with class.
There are many wristwatches out there, and each of them complements a certain style. They are an extension of yourself. They don’t show only the time. They show a glimpse of your personality, so let’s see which are the top fashion wrist watches nowadays.

1. Alpina

This old-time classic watch brand has recently embraced the future by combining the classy old look with modern technology. Alpina uses a timeless, century-old philosophy in design. However, it successfully embraced modern concepts with the AlpinerX line. It is mainly built and designed for outdoor use due to features such as the altimeter, barometer, temperature gauge, UV sensor, and a compass. All this information is available on your wrist, or through Alpina’s own smartphone app, which will also display performance tips based on the available information.

2. Baume

Concerned about the environment and the future of our planet? This watch is a perfect fit on your wrist. With a line of affordable watches build only from eco-friendly materials, who wouldn’t want one. Sporting a classy, but modern and sleek look to suit the modern age.

3. Blancpain

With a continued focus on our global efforts to clean the world, Blancpain launches a line of wristwatches with an “ocean commitment” purpose. This modern watch combines the sleek, grey design of the dial with antique leather, sail canvas or steel bracelet. A perfect way to represent the need to cleanse the oceans. On top of it all, with every purchase from this line of watches, Blancpain donates part of the profits to marine conservation efforts around the world. Look classy and support the global struggle to preserve the environment!

4. Tudor Heritage

If you prefer a retro look when it comes to your wardrobe, then this watch may be the perfect item to complete your look. This exquisite watch maintains the use of vintage pieces and has a slightly smaller deal than what you’re accustomed to today. While it holds on to the retro look, it is perfect for those who practice sports, due to its durability and water resistance. Combine the old school look with modern quality, and you have a fashion item you can’t miss.

5. Breguet Marine

Breguet used to be the official watch supplier of the French navy, so you know they produce reliable, sturdy watches that can handle the test of time. Classy fashion accessory with a music alarm that rings like a ship’s bells. All you need now is the sounds of the ocean in the background.

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