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Top 5 Majors That Stanford University Is Known For

Top 5 Majors That Stanford University Is Known For

Similar to other universities at the top of the world-wide university ranking, Stanford is a university with a long history and was where many famous people graduated from. For instance, the 31st president of the United States – Herbert Hoover was a graduate of Stanford. John F. Kennedy was also a student at Stanford though he dropped out of their MBA program and never graduated.

So, what about the majors at Stanford – what makes Stanford so famous in the first place? If Yale is known for its program and the University of California – Berkeley is known for its computer science courses, then what makes Stanford special?

Let’s explore the top 5 majors that Stanford University is known for with Topthingy.

1. Engineering

Stanford School of Engineering offers many degrees related to engineering, including Aeronautics & Astronautics, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and more. These majors equip you with fundamental knowledge, tools, and skills necessary for a variety of engineering positions. The major also provides many real-world experiences, making it even more challenging – but rewarding at the same time.

2. Interdisciplinary Studies

With Interdisciplinary studies, you can choose from a long list of topics to major in, such as African studies, international policy studies, liber arts and many more. It’s very varied and allows students to collaborate between 18 different interdisciplinary institutes, fostering innovation and creativity towards better health and intellectual life.

3. Information Science

Stanford’s Information Science major focuses on the development of models and techniques that help process information and build algorithms. This major heavily emphasizes the core disciplines of theory and coding along with control and optimization in learning and processing information. You will also learn about information research projects that span several application platforms such as wireless communication and networks, the Internet and even financial systems. Opportunities for training and mentoring are widely available as well, preparing for leadership positions in this field of work.

4. Social Science

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences is the largest school among the seven schools at Stanford. It is the center of everything related to liberal arts and social studies. Through the exposure to humanities studies and arts, you can learn more about intellectual dimensions of human history – past and present – and make effective contributions to the language, culture, and society of the future.

5. Biomedical Science

Stanford’s Biomedical Science Program offers an outstanding opportunity for you to join a network of scientists and researchers who work collaboratively to achieve high-stakes and high-rewards medical breakthroughs. With this program, you will also get mentored directly by some of the greatest minds in the biomedical science field. The setting is small and more private, allowing you to tailor and personalize your education with biomedical science and beyond. With a culture that encourages creativity and collaboration, you are poised to become a leader and innovator in biomedical science with this program. Stanford also has one of the best environments for biomedical research if you are into the top-of-the-line research projects in the biomedical field.

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