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Top 5 Most Ridiculous Expensive Mobile Apps

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Expensive Mobile Apps

There’s an app for just about anything, and nowadays you can get some incredible ones for less than a few bucks – or even entirely free! That being said, there are also apps that will blow your mind with their prices.

Some of them serve legitimate purposes, such as high-end video editing software, or POS management systems. However, not all insanely expensive apps serve much of a purpose. In fact, many seem to exist just for the sake of burning money. Here are 5 of the most ludicrous examples of expensive mobile apps.

1. The Most Expensive Widget – $284.99

Who doesn’t enjoy adding some nifty widgets to their phones now and again? Customization is always fun, but it most certainly doesn’t need to cost nearly $300. This needlessly pricey widget is little more than a large black box with white text labeling it a “Beautiful and impressive widget” on your screen.

There are actually a few apps in the “Most Expensive” series, all retailing above $200 dollars and serving little purpose. In fact, one of the more ridiculous ones takes the next spot on this list!

2. The Most Expensive Fidget Spinner (100% Diamond) – $399.99

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’s impossible for a virtual fidget spinner to be 100% diamond, but that doesn’t stop this mobile app from flaunting the price tag of roughly 400 dollars. The shiny animation will spin and vibrate, but that’s about all you’re getting out of it.

3. I Am Rich – $999

Though it is no longer available, the I Am Rich app existed as a pointless, functionless app that served only to prove the purchaser could afford such frivolous spending. When it was purchased, users could access a screen displaying a glowing red virtual gem and the following misspelled, oddly formatted text:

“I am rich

I deserv it

I am good,

healthy & successful”

Reading like a strange poem, this ode to the wealthy was quickly removed from app stores, but remains a permanent example of how even the silliest things will get scooped up by those looking to prove their monetary success.

4. Abu Moo Collection – $1,200

“Expensive and Pointless” seems to be a theme in the app stores, and the Abu Moo Collection is no different. Consisting of six separate apps, each costing $200, each purchase will award the user with a small virtual gem on their phone’s home screen.

Do the gems do anything? Can you interact with them, or do they sparkle? No, no, and no. These poorly rendered, tacky looking gems simply sit upon and adorn your phone screen. No one said being rich meant being functional.

5. VIP Black – $1,399.99

Of course, there’s an app exclusively for millionaires and their high-end lifestyles. Spending this hefty chunk of money on this app will get its user some serious VIP treatment in a number of establishments, such as special gifts, service upgrades, unique packages, and more from a variety of luxury partners and companies.

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