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Top 5 Natural Herbs For Boosting Fertility In Men

Top 5 Natural Herbs For Boosting Fertility In Men

Trying to conceive can be stressful at times when month after month passes with no results. Couples get frustrated because of it, and this leads to more problems, including even lower fertility rates affected by stress. Both men and women can have fertility problems, and each reacts differently to the situation. Luckily the chances to conceive can be boosted with some diet and lifestyle changes. It’s worth noting that men and women respond differently because of biological differences. Therefore what works for men may not work for women. Men need to overcome problems with low sperm count, quality and even libido. With that being said, let’s see the top 5 natural herbs for boosting fertility in men:

1. Damiana

This herb mostly aids men who have libido problems. It’s been shown that it can be used to rejuvenate the male reproductive health and can also treat impotence. It’s worth taking note that this plant also has a positive effect on women’s libido. You can find this herb in capsule form or you can make a tea out of it. Just don’t exceed recommended limits because very high doses can be toxic.

2. American ginseng

This herb helps men with the quality and quantity of sperm. It’s been shown to have an impact over sperm count, motility and it also helps men with low testosterone. You can find it this plant in capsule form. Just take the recommended dosage.

3. Horny goat weed

As the funny name might suggest, this plant has been used for centuries to treat male reproductive problems. It helps men by boosting their testosterone levels, as well as sperm count. You can find it as a capsule, just don’t take the supplement for extended periods of time. This plant has side effects on some men who take way too much of it. Symptoms include nausea, headaches and even breathing problems.

4. Schisandra berry

This berry can do amazing things to the production of sperm. It is a healthy plant that helps with various reproduction issues, but it mostly promotes quality sperm production. It also has other beneficial uses, as it can help with kidney health because it contains glycogen. These berries can be taken as a capsule supplement, or simply eaten raw or in cooking.

5. Goji berry

This berry has been revered throughout the years for many health reasons. It promotes hormonal balance due to the support it offers to the liver, and it also keeps sperm from overheating. This might not sound like a big deal, but overheating leads to a temporary lower sperm count. Whether you visit the sauna, wear tight clothes or just sit a lot, your sperm may suffer. Luckily goji berries are available pretty much everywhere as dried fruit or powder. You can simply eat them or mix a couple of teaspoons of goji powder with water and boil it for 15 minutes.

For the best results, you should consider adding all of these herbs and supplements to your diet. However, you might want to check in with a health specialist to make sure you can take any of them and prepare the correct dosage.

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