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Top 5 Newborn Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Top 5 Newborn Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Motherhood is challenging and many new mothers suffer from anxiety, especially in the first few months. Babies are sensitive, helpless little creatures that need dedication and nurture, so it’s only natural that you should feel a bit stressed regarding their health. At this stage of human development, you can’t ignore any health problems and risks because babies are so delicate. Their immune systems need time to develop, therefore any illness can cause various complications and long-lasting effects. This is why you should prepare yourself in advance and learn about the most common newborn baby problems. Knowledge is power! So let’s discuss the top 5 infant health issues you should be aware of:

1. Coughing

Coughing is normal, especially during feeding time because milk can rush in the baby’s mouth too fast. However, if you notice the baby is coughing often, and gagging a lot you should see a doctor as soon as possible. The coughing could be a result of a digestive system or lung problem. If the baby is also coughing a lot outside of feeding time or at night, it might be a sign of whooping cough.

2. Blue skin

Normally it’s not an issue if the baby has blue skin on hands or feet. This is normal after birth. Sometimes they even have blue skin around the mouth when they cry. The problem is when the baby’s skin stays blue instead of turning pink-ish. If he or she doesn’t develop healthy, normal skin, you should see a medical professional.

3. Jaundice

Around half of newborn babies develop jaundice due to livers that aren’t yet fully developed, and high bilirubin levels. Most of these cases occur in the first week after delivery, and the issue goes away on its own. Jaundice involves the yellowing of the skin and eyes. It is caused by bilirubin, which is a yellow pigment produced when red blood cells are being broken down. Normal the liver processes and removes this pigment, but because newborns still need time to fully develop, jaundice may occur.

Keep in mind that jaundice is normal, but if it doesn’t go away in three weeks, you should seek out a doctor. High amounts of bilirubin can lead to deafness and other health issues. Normally newborns are checked for jaundice before being discharged from the hospital, and again during the first month.

4. Colic

Many babies have issues with colic. If you notice your newborn cries a lot for no apparent reason, it’s probably the colic. You shouldn’t concern yourself too much unless it doesn’t go away on its own after the first three months. Formula can sometimes cause allergic reactions that lead to colic.

5. Vomiting

Spitting some milk is normal, however, vomiting frequently is not. Make sure the baby has no allergy to milk or formula. You also help your newborn burp, otherwise, vomiting can occur. If this problem persists, and you notice that the child isn’t gaining weight, you should seek professional help as soon as possible.


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