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Top 5 fashion mistakes to avoid on a first date

Few things are more stressful than a first date. This might sound like an exaggeration as there are many more serious problems in the world, however, to the individual, first impressions matter the most in any social circumstance. Why is that the case? Because of the lack of control.

Think about it. You worry whether your date will be weird, whether he or she will “click” with you, whether you will have what to talk about or awkwardly sit in complete silence. These are things you can’t control and this is why a first date is so stressful. Good news is, there’s one thing you have control over, and that’s the way you present yourself. First impressions are vital on a new date, so let’s see what fashion mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Overly Ambitious

It’s a first date, you want to impress, you are stressed out of your mind so you reach for the most fancy, expensive outfit you have in your wardrobe. This is probably the most common mistake everyone makes. The saying “dress to impress” might be perfectly valid for an interview, a gala, or any other formal gathering, but that’s not the case with dating. You should be yourself and keep it relaxed and casual. A nice, collared shirt with some dark denims ought to do the trick, unless you’re going to the fanciest restaurant in town.

2. Underdressing

This mistake is quite as bad as the first one. Even though you want to keep it casual, there’s such a thing as too casual. Leave the t-shirt in your drawer and always pick fresh clothes. You still want to impress on your first date, but you don’t want to look as if you’re trying really hard. Balance is key. Avoid sneakers, and choose dress shoes or boots instead.

3. Trendy

Everyone wants to fit it and keep up with the trendy, new look of tomorrow. A first date, however, is not the time to experiment with your fashion sense. The most appropriate thing to do is stick with the classics. Dates are one of those occasions where you cannot fail with the classic dress codes. There’s a reason why basic, classy looks have stayed pretty much the same for nearly a century. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

4. Scent

The way you smell is as important as the way you look. Your scent can set you apart and complement your sense of style. Both men and women stress over the cologne or perfume they pick. It’s not about how unique you smell. It’s all about how much is too much. Your date should be able to smell you from a close range, not across the room. Remember, when it comes to scent, less is more!

5. Dress Code

Overdressing and underdressing are serious issues, however, keep in mind your outfit depends on the type of date. So think about where you’re going and first choose the type of wear that is appropriate. You don’t want to wear a sexy dress or a suit and tie to a picnic.

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