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Top Ways to Get Rid Of Chronic Headaches

If you’re reading this article, it’s clear that you’ve gone to the internet for help with chronic headaches. Chronic headaches are one of the scarier things to Google because they can bring up a lot of terrifying possible causes. If you try some of the things on this list and are still plagued with headaches, or, if you simply would feel more comfortable, talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Here are a few fixes that can stop chronic headaches by treating the most common causes.

1. Drink more water

One of the most common causes of chronic headaches is mild dehydration. Before you try anything else, make a point to begin drinking more water which is a good rule of thumb and has a myriad of health benefits outside of helping headaches.

2. Avoid caffeine

For some, this may be like asking them to avoid breathing air but the dreaded “caffeine headaches” can be miserable enough, it’s worth considering cutting back. A common misconception about caffeine headaches is only caused by ingesting too much caffeine or from the effects wearing off. The headaches can actually be started by either of these instances, not to mention that caffeine is a diuretic that can cause dehydration. Like drinking water, cutting back can be a good early step to take when working to get rid of chronic headaches. Click here to find out the best ways to cut back on caffeine.

3. Reduce Your Bluelight

Focusing on screens for hours every day can cause a lot of problems, including headaches. When using your phone, try to turn on the Bluelight filter, often called “Comfort View” and “Night Mode,” which would drastically reduce eye strain and even help you get better sleep.

4. Check Your Neck

As the name suggests, most headaches are presumed to be a problem with your head. But some can actually start in your neck. Either from injuries that have caused the bones of the neck to fuse or just from poor posture, neck problems can very quickly become the source of chronic headaches. Try using a heating pad or visiting a chiropractor. The major issue with this course of treatment is the tendency for the release of tension in the neck to temporarily make headaches much worse. A few hours or, in severe cases, even a few days after improving the condition of their neck, some people can suffer worse headaches than before. Luckily, this is followed by a longer-term relief, but it is something to prepare for if you choose to try this route.

5. The Elimination Method

If your chronic headaches are taking place in the same places or in the same situations, they may be brought on by a mild allergy. Begin keeping a log of when, where and what the case is when you get a headache, paying special attention to anything ate, drank, or smelled in the area. Also, take note of exactly where you’ve been in the hour before a headache. You might find that your headaches begin about 30 minutes after you come inside, possibly triggered by a higher than usual pollen season. In that case, a mild antihistamine will likely stop the headaches altogether.

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