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Traveling To Ibiza? 4 Things You Need To Know About The Spanish Party Island

Traveling To Ibiza? 4 Things You Need To Know About The Spanish Party Island

The Spanish party island offers you amazing beaches and the hottest nightclubs for after the sundown. What more would you wish for in a holiday destination? The island barely reaches 40 km from end to end. Ibiza offers crystal clear waters, perfect for a swim at any time of the day. The island has mild temperatures, rural landscapes, and bright sunshine nearly all year round. But what is it really like at this Spanish party island? Let’s take a look at the lighter side of Ibiza!

Here are 4 things about Ibiza you need to know!

1. It is pretty safe, and only the best hotels are allowed

Firstly, the Ibiza tourism board states that “there are no aggressive or dangerous botanical and animal species.” Simply put, the plants and animals are harmless. The local government passed a law in 2007 that all new hotels on the island must be 5-star. Prepare to live it up.

2. It is where to be when the world ends

Nostradamus’ 15th-century prediction, claims Ibiza to be Earth’s final refuge. Also, it is believed that the prevailing winds on the island make it the only place on earth able to support life after a nuclear fallout.

3. It is stunningly spectacular

White sand and stunning turquoise water make Ibiza a popular holiday destination accommodating close to 2.8 million tourists every year. Its magnificent sea life, architecture, and coastline have secured it a place on the World Heritage Site listing.

4. The sunsets are out of this world!

Being among the Balearic Islands, Ibiza offers you culture, nature, and loads of fun day and night. The beaches, coves, and beauty of the landscapes have much to offer tourists. Ibiza is a designated UNESCO’s World Heritage, offering you its magic.

Additional information

Ibiza has 210 km of coastline. This offers you endless options between areas of dunes, tiny coves, and wide beaches of fine white sand. However, Ibiza is a lot more than just a sun and sand spot. Its midland has interesting places worth discovering.

Over the ages, numerous different civilizations have gone through Ibiza. The island is a designated UNESCO Heritage due to its wealth of culture, a historic old town of Eivissa, Dalt Vila, the striking Phoenician site found at Sa Caleta, and the necropolis found at Puig des Molins.

Also, the unique atmosphere in Ibiza makes the fun first priority. The liveliness is evident in Ibiza’s nightlife and cultural agenda. Besides fashionable nightclubs and bars, Ibiza offers numerous other exciting activities that come to life after sunset: terrace bars, street markets, concerts, outdoor cultural events, etc. Year after year, Ibiza has witnessed numerous young people visiting for the latest music trends and dance at any time of day and night.

Excellent air connections: Ibiza has an airport a few kilometers from Eivissa. The flights are scheduled to the Spanish mainland, other Islands nearby, and a several other European capitals

In Conclusion

Ibiza has endless tourist attraction sites— beaches, coves a rich nightlife and cultural wealth. Both inland and coastline have something to offer you all day and night!

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