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    Gabrielle Mastronardo

    Gabrielle is a writer based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from the United States, she has an adventurous spirit that lead her to living in and traveling to different parts of the world. Curious in nature, she is continuously trying new things and discovering new topics to write about.

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  • Top 4 ways to lose weight

    Top 4 ways to lose weight0

    For most of us who struggle with our body weight from time to time, these are the top 4 ways to stay in control of your weight and shed excess pounds. 1. Eat Clean While eating deep fried food, or sweets might taste good and satisfy our craving of the moment, the truth is there

  • Top 3 car hustle-free loans

    Top 3 car hustle-free loans0

    When it comes to finding a loan provider to buy a new car, it can be hard to know where to start. You want to make sure that you are getting the lowest interest rates, with no hidden fee’s or increases. The sad truth is that you can’t trust ever provider out there, so the

  • Top 4 gas and electricity suppliers

    Top 4 gas and electricity suppliers0

    Just mention the word energy provider and chances are, people will start drawing on about how they are paying an arm and a leg, how terrible the customer service is, and that they can not understand a thing on the bill. However, it does not have to be like this. What some people do not know

  • 4 Insider tips for the top things to see and do in Berlin

    4 Insider tips for the top things to see and do in Berlin0

    Berlin is a city booming with culture and history. It has become a modern day mecca for creatives and startups because of its inexpensive cost of living. This has given the city a unique dynamic of alternative culture and innovative forward thinking living side by side. Whether you are interested in under covering the history