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    Quinn Holloway

    Quinn Holloway-Jackson currently lives and works outside of Phoenix, AZ, although his roots extend back to Northeast and upstate NY. He shares his home with his boyfriend, their two dogs, two cats, a chinchilla, and a menagerie of other critters. He has been writing since he had a solid grasp on his ABCs, but when he isn't writing, you can find him reading, hiking, playing video games, or spamming Instagram with pictures of his pets

Author's Posts

  • 6 Strangest Foods Across the Globe

    6 Strangest Foods Across the Globe0

    Everywhere your travel may take you, regions have their own flare and twists incorporated into the local cuisine. While the more widely popular tend to circulate across the globe, such as pasta or sushi, there are many other regional delicacies that have not quite struck the palates of the world at large. If you’re feeling

  • 6 Harmful Make-Up Ingredients to Avoid

    6 Harmful Make-Up Ingredients to Avoid1

    Skin is more sensitive than we give it credit for, and despite this, the majority of us remain uneducated, buying and supporting the use of products that are doing far more harm to our skin’s health than we may realize. If you’re having any trouble with your skin, or even if you aren’t, it’s time

  • 6 Great Exercises That Require No Equipment

    6 Great Exercises That Require No Equipment0

    So you’re ready to get in shape. Good for you! Taking your health seriously and adopting a regular exercise plan is an important part of adding quality years to your life and enjoy yourself even more in the present. That being said, not everyone has the opportunity or funds to head out to a gym

  • 7 Unique Alternatives to Coffee

    7 Unique Alternatives to Coffee0

    Coffee is the morning sweetheart of nearly every busy adult in the world, not to mention the late-night fuel of students and evening workers everywhere. The caffeine packed drink has a near cult following, but there are a lot of reasons one may decide to kick the bean habit and switch to a healthier alternative.