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    Quinn Holloway

    Quinn Holloway-Jackson currently lives and works outside of Phoenix, AZ, although his roots extend back to Northeast and upstate NY. He shares his home with his boyfriend, their two dogs, two cats, a chinchilla, and a menagerie of other critters. He has been writing since he had a solid grasp on his ABCs, but when he isn't writing, you can find him reading, hiking, playing video games, or spamming Instagram with pictures of his pets

Author's Posts

  • 5 Craziest Cases of Body Modification

    5 Craziest Cases of Body Modification1

    What do you consider totally out there in terms of modifying your body? A few too many facial piercings, maybe? A conspicuously placed tattoo? How about attempts to make your entire body resemble a totally different species altogether, or an infamous super villain? There are a plethora of people who have undergone some mindboggling body

  • 5 Life-changing Organizations You Should Know About

    5 Life-changing Organizations You Should Know About0

    It can be hard to find causes and charities that you feel completely secure supporting. Every year it seems more and more large organizations are being exposed as corrupt or malfunctioning from the inside out. Even when you are conscious in your decisions, it is easy to overlook some amazing organizations that are truly worthy

  • 7 Bizarre Tourist Attractions Around the World

    7 Bizarre Tourist Attractions Around the World0

    There’s a lot of incredible things to be found around our planet. From natural marvels to manmade structures, there’s no end to the various attractions a traveler can come across. While people are quick to flock to the more awe-inspiring areas, there are plenty who would prefer to seek out more unique and strange sights.

  • 6 Boredom Busters that Don’t Cost Anything

    6 Boredom Busters that Don’t Cost Anything0

    It sometimes feels like with the internet at our fingertips, we should never encounter boredom, yet that simply is not the case. There are only so many pages you can scroll, so many shows you can binge watch and so many cute animals videos you can share on social media. Going out can cost a