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    Ann Parish

    Ann Parish enjoys scribbling down her thoughts and reflecting on it. She gradually began to take writing more seriously when folks began to appreciate her skills and talked her into taking it to a whole new level. Ann loves taking on new challenges. She looks forward to every day being better than the previous one, and hope to make valuable contributions to the benefit of our society through writing in a wide array of fields.

Author's Posts

  • 10 tips on how to become a professional freelancer

    10 tips on how to become a professional freelancer0

    Whatever you do, strive to do it and do it real good to the applause and admiration of all. “Becoming comes before doing.” As such, it’s your responsibility to hone and groom your skills. Now, if you are thinking about becoming a professional writer, I have tips to give that will help you realize your

  • Make a living being a freelance writer

    Make a living being a freelance writer0

    Traditionally, we listened to stories being told, read storybooks, and novels which amused us with their wonderful tales – we had much to learn and enjoy from it. Then gradually writing took the stage and added the advantage of documentation for posterity sake. Even though a lot of people were gifted in depicting their imaginations