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10 tips on how to become a professional freelancer

10 tips on how to become a professional freelancer

Whatever you do, strive to do it and do it real good to the applause and admiration of all. “Becoming comes before doing.” As such, it’s your responsibility to hone and groom your skills. Now, if you are thinking about becoming a professional writer, I have tips to give that will help you realize your dream.

1. Competence

In clear and simple terms competence refers to your ability to handle a task effectively. So, as a freelancer, you will be tasked by clients to handle their gigs and do it exceptionally well to get recurrent business deals. As they say first impression matters…

2. Reliability

A dependable freelancer is like a backbone: It holds you up and keeps you at the top. You must develop the quality of being depended upon regarding time schedules and deadlines. Build your reputation to become solid and trustworthy to your clients.

3. Build your presence online

Clients want to be convinced about your competence. The way to go is to ensure you have testimonials to show for prospective client’s evaluation. Make sure there are records of past gigs you handled that clients can access.

4. Focus your energy

As you start out it will be okay for you to work on getting a whole lot of clients to build up your portfolio and make you very visible. Gradually you can become more selective of your clients and focus your energy fully on them.

5. Build relationships

Strong bonds of interpersonal relationships are a good way to keep business flowing and running smoothly. A good working relationship is a great way to get other people interested in working with you too once they hear good reports about you.

6. Manage your time

Your time is very essential once you decide to become a freelancer. The way you handle your time determines how much money you make and the timeliness with which you respond to clients says a lot about your time management skills.

7. Learn how to charge your clients

Your charges can do one of two things: draw more potential clients into your pool, or repel potential clients away from you. Be realistic, and charge in accordance with the quality of work you provide and be very flexible.

8. Set goals and project your growth

To set goals is to expect to grow and be ready to handle it when it does occur. Plan where you deeply expect to be at certain periods in your career and work towards it. As a freelancer, it would be absolutely amazing to experience growth. You will look back with hindsight and be glad you made the leap.

9. Do research continuously

Competition is high and to thrive well you need to keep being relevant. Do whatever it takes; be observant of the happenings and trends within your cycle. Read, all kinds of stuff about freelancing and selectively digest your harvest of information.

10. Let your work be better than that of other freelancers out there

It will take more effort, time, researching original content but the benefit outweighs the cost.

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