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The misconception of having only one freelance writing niche to thrive on

The misconception of having only one freelance writing niche to thrive on

There are folks out there who have limited themselves to believe they can perform in just one aspect of writing. I had a friend who got into freelancing thinking he would write articles relating to “Attitude” only because he was so interested in becoming better as a person and that’s all he wrote and talked about and it led him to believe that was all he could write on. The only time you have one niche to fit into is when you have decided so.

The top reasons people give about why they feel they fit into only one niche include “I only have the passion to write on XXX, I have no knowledge about XXX topic, not willing to launch out into unfamiliar territory, I can succeed in only what I’ve known so far… the list of reasons is endless. You can have an area of specialty and that’s acceptable. However, who says you are limited to being a genius in a single field? You can extend your reach and sphere of influence.

The secret to ending the misconception about having only one niche to write on are numerous and I will be presenting it to you here today.

1. Have an open mind and see possibilities beyond your present ones.

Practicing this skill opens you up for new experiences and pushes you on to learn and research unfamiliar topics. Repeat the process over and over. As you do, it begins to feel normal and easy. Boom! You’ve gotten other niches to write on as well.

2. Start with a topic of interest

You could also begin learning entirely different habits that will be beneficial to your writing career. One way is to begin reading on random topics – you will definitely find new interests you didn’t know you had. These interests translate into other writing niches you could develop your writing upon when taken to heart.

3. Mix up with other writers: learn from their experiences passion and desire.

Your interaction with like minds will always produce a spark of genius in you that was always there, but you didn’t know existed at all.

4. Risk it

Yeah, I just said risk it. Bid for jobs which you have never done before or had any idea on. Give it your best shot. You may be surprised at the outcome. While you take your chances, study as well. Surely, you’d be surprised at what you can do.

5. Learn

Keep learning all the time and take advantage of the experience you are accumulating on a daily basis. It broadens your horizon to keep a teachable attitude.

6. Track your work

Pick up a writing pad and try putting down details of the last five jobs you handled – you will find they aren’t exactly the same. They might be similar but not the same.

You may have a niche you prefer to write on and I get it, you really enjoy it and feel alive when you do, but there are other areas you could make valuable contributions as well – give yourself a chance.

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