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Make a living being a freelance writer

Make a living being a freelance writer

Traditionally, we listened to stories being told, read storybooks, and novels which amused us with their wonderful tales – we had much to learn and enjoy from it. Then gradually writing took the stage and added the advantage of documentation for posterity sake. Even though a lot of people were gifted in depicting their imaginations using written words; a gap still existed – although they had the freedom of expressing genuine skillfulness, it could barely pay their bills. The returns were no match to the effort put in to create a beautiful masterpiece. People write for different reasons, but whatever is your reason for being a writer, it will be absolutely nice and necessary to earn handsomely from your skill.

When you consider becoming a freelance writer, you don’t need to scare yourself to death with thoughts of whether you will fare well, or suck at it. Just go in with an open mind and an expectation of financial rewards for your effort. As a writer I’m sure there are particular topics that interest you – now that’s your key: the aspects of life you’re passionate about writing on.

The most interesting part about how to make a living as a freelance writer is that you don’t need any professional certifications to become a freelance writer. All you need is the internet connection, a platform, the courage to bid for jobs you can handle pretty well. Although your profile needs to be well constructed, and presentable, that’s something anybody can do. So, you can do it. Apply to become accepted onto platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, Freelance, Guru, Fiverr etc… there are a whole lot of them out there for you to choose from.

You might be wondering how possible it is to make a living off freelance writing…your concern is genuine and appropriate – let me explain further. Sites such as Upwork which I use have created the opportunity to have long term writing deals between the freelancer and the client. Imagine a situation where you have over 10 plus clients who are engaging your skill for a long term basis…awesome right? Guess what…some of these clients can pay up to $100 depending on the job though. You basically determine how much money you will make because every job has a price tag attached. You may decide to go for the big fishes only! It is really up to you.

Technology has made our world faster and in an unimaginable way has made the world seem so small: an idea that would have been laughed off as a cruel joke decades ago. Your job is to leverage on those freelance platforms and get a share of your bounty from the Universe as jobs pop in from all over the world. It’s all there for the taking – you only need to make a move.  You have control of your time because in a way you choose how your work schedule will be from day to day. You bid for jobs and you get an offer, you don’t bid, you get nothing. It’s that simple.

Freelance writing is helping many families especially mothers who need to care of their kids. They can now actually work from home, make hundred – thousand(s) of dollars in a month. Today’s society has become a smart one: don’t be left out of the race join in, and have your share of the bounty available to those who stand up and take action.

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