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    Edel Mwende

    Edel Mwende is a free-spirit who spends time in creative work ( crocheting and knitting to unwind). She loves keeping her mind occupied and is always looking for something new to feed her mind. A Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter and Content Researcher. Wordplay and learning new things every day are a few things that keep her motivated.

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  • 10 Best Beard Oils To Buy in 2019

    10 Best Beard Oils To Buy in 20190

    Unless you are growing out your facial hair, beard oils would be completely pointless to your needs. However, the conditioning properties of good beard oils are indispensable. A good beard oil serves to soften coarse facial hair and make it easy to style. Additionally, it conditions the skin, therefore, reducing the likelihood of it getting

  • 6 Best Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin

    6 Best Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin0

    Having sensitive skin may mean different things to everyone. This will vary from acne, eczema, or dryness, but everyone with sensitive skin desires the same thing: making sure they use products that will not irritate them. And when you know the exact elements that your skin can’t tolerate, then it’s much easier to avoid them altogether! However,

  • 4 Best Motivational Books of All Time

    4 Best Motivational Books of All Time0

    In today’s world, distractions are constant. And this makes it challenging to feel driven to do what you are here to do. But the good news is, you can easily feel motivated by tweaking your mind to align with something positive. However, not many people will do it. Below is a look at top motivational books

  • 6 Best Anti-Aging Face Cream for Men

    6 Best Anti-Aging Face Cream for Men0

    Anti-aging products are more useful than many realize. Many anti-aging products are not just cosmetics; they help fight the free radicals that speed up the aging process. They are usually loaded with antioxidants that the skin desperately needs. You need to realize that skincare is not just for women, it is something everyone needs to