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    Edel Mwende

    Edel Mwende is a free-spirit who spends time in creative work ( crocheting and knitting to unwind). She loves keeping her mind occupied and is always looking for something new to feed her mind. A Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter and Content Researcher. Wordplay and learning new things every day are a few things that keep her motivated.

Author's Posts

  • Top 8 Squeaky Dog Toys That Won’t Annoy You

    Top 8 Squeaky Dog Toys That Won’t Annoy You0

    Did you know you can save your sanity by giving your pup innovative toys to chew on all day, and not fill your home with the grating sound? We’ll take a look at the best squeaky toys which are quiet enough for your dog to enjoy for hours. And most of these are totally quiet

  • 5 Best Baby Oils For All Skin Types

    5 Best Baby Oils For All Skin Types0

    A baby’s skin is fragile, thin and sensitive. So to avoid harming this sensitive skin, make sure you use baby oils for cleansing, protecting the surface and maintain moisture. In addition, baby oil can come in handy for massaging baby, a fantastic activity which helps you bond with your little one while bringing them added