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5 Tips for Managing Millennials

5 Tips for Managing Millennials

Generally, millennials are described as people born in the 1980s and 1990s (known as Generation Y) meaning the first members of this generation started joining the workforce towards the end of the 1990s and beginning of the 2000s.

Though most generations are linked to specific cliches and stereotypes, it’s crucial to keep in mind that employees are still individuals and shouldn’t be judged based on their birth year.

Yet, there are several measurable differences in how and when millennials were brought up and educated. In doing so, you’ll understand the differences making it easier when managing them at work.

1. Utilize their electronic literacy

Since they are the first generation that has grown up having the internet as part of their everyday lives, the Millenials have been the first to make the most of technology which connects people virtually. Such knowledge and experience can help grow communication both externally and internally for your company.

2. Include teamwork in your company’s culture

The one approach to education that was used during the period when millennials were in school was more emphasis on group projects and teamwork. This generation commonly was asked to do tasks in groups, from elementary school all through to college. So when you structure your staff to have that everyone relies on working together in defined roles, then you will be in a position of taking advantage of a key strength for most of the younger employees.

3. Allow for remote working or telecommuting

Use different traits such as being results-oriented and technological savvy, and you will have employees who can do good work using ways that were not easily available to the preceding generations. Many millennials support the idea that they should be able to work remotely from time to time or even exclusively provided they get the work done. In this respect,  be flexible and you may end up having more success in attracting and even retaining employees of this generation.

4. Focus on results

Earlier, the perception that this generation is lazy was based on that disconnect between the older generations and millennials and especially when it concerns the prioritizing of processes and structure. With the older generations, things like dress codes and fixed work schedules have more value to them. But, for millennials, the focus is more on the end results, meaning that it’s important that you relax the regulations a bit.

Most millennials work hard and get results, but for you to make a connection with them and even retain them, you will have to be ready to adopt more flexible schedules and have less restrictive dress codes.

5. Embrace diversity and flexibility

According to a survey done by Deloitte, it shows that over 40% of millennials look at leaving their jobs in less than two years and less than 30% want to keep doing the same job in over 5 years. From the same Deloitte survey, it shows that most millennials value and are ready to stay in companies that offer diverse management teams and flexible work environments. And to take advantage of this, it means having a diverse staff and leadership team in addition to looking for diverse clients.

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