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7 Craziest Things Surgeons Have Found During Operations

7 Craziest Things Surgeons Have Found During Operations

1. Surgical Forceps

In truth, there are an alarming amount of stories abound of surgical tools being accidentally left behind and sewn up in surgery patients. Despite strict protocols, human error happens and things get left behind.

Mary Harper went into surgery for a benign tumor removal that seemingly went all according to plan. However just under a month after returning home, Mary rushed to the ER with horrible back, kidney, and stomach pain.

The ER doctors discovered that 8-inch surgical forceps had been left inside of Mary during the tumor removal. She ended up suing the medical center responsible for the oversight, as it results in her having to get 18 inches of her small intestines removed after they got looped in the forceps handles.

2. Set of Silverware

Margaret Daalmans had a dangerous compulsion that afflicts a rare number of people, causing them to eat objects that are not in any way, shape, or form meant for ingestion. Margaret’s continually revolved around silverware, and she stated that nearly every time she sat down to eat a meal, she would wind up swallowing the spoons and forks (never the knives) whole instead.

Surgeons ended up removing 78 pieces of silverware from her stomach after she finally ended up in the hospital with severe abdominal pains. Reports state that Margaret since entered therapy to handle her compulsions and is doing far better now.

3. Cobblestones

People do strange things in anger, but stuffing yourself on cobblestones is definitely not how one usually expresses themselves. Yet that is how one young woman in Foshan, China decided to show her displeasure when she had a heated argument with her boyfriend.

After swallowing over 20 cobblestones, the young woman, whose identity remains anonymous, she figured that they would flush harmlessly through her bowels. Unfortunately, they remained, and surgery was required to remove the many stones from her system.

4. Magnets

Kids can be pretty amazing, but they can also do some very questionable things that leave even their parents scratching their heads. Haley Lents, a girl who was eight years old at the time, swallowed ten magnets and 20 tiny steel balls that came inside a toy of hers, saying they looked like candy.

Two days after, Haley began experiencing pain so extreme that she could barely stand. Doctors were amazed that the girl was even alive, as even swallowing a couple of magnets has the power to kill a grown adult, as the magnets can and do tear holes in intestines. Haley was hospitalized for two weeks but otherwise pulled through just fine.

5. Live Grenade

Things got frighteningly intense for surgeons in Columbia when a soldier was rushed to the hospital after a member of his troop has misfired a rocket launcher, resulting in a live grenade becoming embedded in his face. Luis Arango claims the entire thing was an unfortunate accident.

While surgeries are always a serious matter, the surgeons were under far more pressure as they were uncertain if the unexploded grenade would go off at any time. The procedure was performed in the hospital car park just in case it did detonate. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and the grenade did not go off and was later disposed of safely. Luis survived the procedure and remained under strict medical supervision.

6. Live Eel

Humans have an unfortunate history of putting things in their bodies that definitely don’t belong there. A foot-long eel probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of introducing to your body, but a rather gullible and desperate Chinese man did just that. Following what he explained was a folk remedy for constipation, he inserted the eel through his rectum.

The eel eventually began to destroy the man’s intestines and abdominal cavity, and he was admitted to the hospital. Surgeons stated his stomach was puffed up like a balloon, and quickly got him into surgery to remove the still-live eel. Reportedly, this isn’t the first time someone has done this with an eel, either.

7. Buzz Lightyear Toy

There are far more x-ray images of Buzz Lightyear figurines being stuck in various people’s orifices than there ought to be. While there aren’t too many concrete stories behind the photos, there’s enough to get the general idea.

One story states that a man frequently encountered “issues” of his son leaving the toy lying around the couch, and claimed he would then sit on it accidentally, leading to it being lodged in his body. Supposedly surgeons in the Alabama area had seen him more than just a couple times for this but were willing to play along with the man’s story that it was “just an accident” each time.

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