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  • 5 Dog Sports You Probably Haven’t Heard About

    5 Dog Sports You Probably Haven’t Heard About0

    The world of dog sports is diverse, exciting, and almost constantly growing. There is a fun activity for you and your pooch to explore seemingly no matter what interests you both most. Whether you’re into making a splash in dock diving sports or tearing it up on an agility course, there really is something for

  • 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Origins

    5 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Their Origins0

    There are truly an astounding amount of dogs in the world. While the American Kennel Club only officially recognizes 167 breeds, international clubs recognize over 340. The actual number is highly debated, but there is some agreement on what the most popular pups are in the US. While the numbers fluctuate slightly year to year,

  • 5 Jobs Performed by Animals

    5 Jobs Performed by Animals0

    Almost everyone loves animals, and what’s not to love? From fur to feathers, scales to tails, there’s a friend in the animal kingdom for everyone. While many animals now share our homes as loving and fascinating companions, there are also plenty of animals who are hard at work for their human counterparts in ways you