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5 Ways to Stand Out When Job Hunting

5 Ways to Stand Out When Job Hunting

Today’s job market is fast-paced, competitive, and always changing. Staying ahead of the curve isn’t always easy, but it’s more important now than ever before to find ways to truly stand out against your competition. Whether you’re still trying to snag an interview, or you’re wanting to make a great impression once you’re there, here are five ways to pull ahead while job hunting.

1. Create a Unique Portfolio

There is an art to making a great resume, but as our world becomes more competitive and moves to further embrace technology, having a virtual portfolio can give the extra kick you need to really highlight your skills and impress potential employers. Consider using a free web service to craft a page for yourself, making for a more memorable and engaging way to demonstrate your credentials, past accomplishments, and future goals. See also: 7 Ways To Improve Your Resume.

2. Craft Personable Cover Letters

While embracing the new, it’s always important to not forget some of the classic basics. Applying online to jobs has made it easy for people to sit and apply to hundreds of jobs with a couple of clicks, but one thing a lot of employers are looking for are applicants who take the time to create a short, personalized cover letter to go with their application. It sticks out from the massive pile of auto-applies and shows you went the extra mile to briefly showcase why you’re a great fit for their company.

3. Research the Company

Once you’ve secured yourself an interview, don’t overlook the crucial step of researching the company you’re about to go before. A lot of applicants skip this, and it shows a big lack of actual interest in the job offer. If you take the time to brush up on the company beforehand and bring your knowledge up organically, interviewers will be impressed that you cared enough to do your research.

4. Actually Ask Questions

Nothing is more forgettable in an interview than a one-sided exchange. The interviewer is likely going through a prepared list of questions that they will ask every applicant, and while answering those sincerely is half the battle, a lot of job-seekers drop the ball when it comes to posing questions themselves. Remember, you’re there to interview them, too.

Have a couple of go-to questions for each interview, such as what the work culture is like, or what growth opportunities are available. Actually engaging your potential employer with questions of your own helps to show that you are taking the offer seriously and aren’t just going through the motions.

5. Be Sincere and Gracious

Deep down, everyone knows that the motivation to get a new job lies primarily in financial reasons. That being said, being genuinely appreciative of the time it has taken for a potential employer to reach out to you and meet with you goes a long way. Try to break out of the rigid, over-rehearsed mold and be sincere and authentic. It’s okay to be a bit nervous. Just remember that at the end of the day, it’s simply a friendly conversation. Be yourself, be gracious to your host, share your sincere gratitude for their time and consideration, and you will stand out far and above in their memory.

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