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Top 5 Skills That Can Help You Land A Job Today

Top 5 Skills That Can Help You Land A Job Today

The job market is growing more and more competitive every day. Having a degree is simply not enough to make you stand out in the current market.

Today, employers are looking more at your skill set and what you can bring to the table.

In one of her recent interviews during a GlassDoor event, Janelle Gale – Facebook vice president of human resources – sheds some light on what the company looks for in their future employees.

“Apply if you have the relevant skills even if you don’t have the right experience, because we’re looking underneath the surface for what’s really going to matter here and that’s what skills you can bring to the table”, she said.

So what sort of skills can help you land a job today no matter the job? Here is our top 5 list.

1. Time Management

No matter the type of job you do, time management is always a skill that you must master. Proper planning, task assignment, and goal and progression tracking are all important skills that contribute to timeliness and the ability to meet deadlines.

In short, as an employee, you are expected to optimize and increase your effectiveness and efficiency where you can.

2. People Management

People management refers to the ability to connect, working together and manage relationships with those around you.

Don’t think that people management is a skill that only managers need to have.

How you interact with your colleagues, managers, clients and even strangers can really elevate your productivity. Showing that you can work well with people will really set you apart from other candidates.

3. Creativity

Creativity is, in fact, skill and not a trait. By applying the right creative thinking techniques, one can generate several new ideas. And we all know the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.

Creativity also refers to one’s ability to embrace new and modern technologies. Without the knowledge of how modern technology works, and their limitations, you won’t even consider them in your creative thinking process, much less generating new ideas.

4. Persuasion

Persuasion skill is a lot more important in certain fields and industries than others. For instance, you can’t really work in sales if you don’t know how to persuade your customers. However, that doesn’t mean it’s useless outside of those fields.

With good persuasion skill, you demonstrate your ability to get a point across and to convince and influence the decision making of another person. It is a valuable skill to possess in various situation, such as when you are pitching a new idea, or when you are giving a presentation, etc.

It’s a handy skill to have and your employers will appreciate having a persuasive employee under their wings.

5. Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning refers to one’s ability to analyze facts, rules or information and given the information, being able to estimate the potential outcome of a process.

Analytical reasoning is especially useful in fields where you solve problems involving human relationships, laws, and regulations.

Being able to analyze and reason using facts is generally expected from graduates and is usually tested during your interview. Make sure to revisit and strengthen your analytical skill before an interview.

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